Sandman Debunked #1164: Nationalism & MGTOW


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Every now and then Papa gets some really interesting questionnaire.

Mr. Longshot sent him a reasonable observation of MGTOW community, and how white nationalist are destroying our community. Sadly the Mr. Long shot doesn’t realize that Sandman is a full blown white supremacist, you will see the twisted Anti-Semitic mind of Sandman. He was always promoting hatred toward men of non-european background, so it’s business as usual.

“Hey Sandman, I’ve been around MGTOW for a long time now, back when MGTOW and the Mens Rights Movement was one and the same on AVFM.”

The reason MGTOW split off from AVFM was because of Paul Elam. He was looking the other way when white nationalist were taking over AVFM.

Incidentally AVFM was created because of the same reason — Men’s Right were talking about everything from immigration to inter-racial marriages. No talk about divorce, paternity fraud, or alimony.  It was — and still is a nice umbrella to hide under for white supremacist to spread their poison.

Sadly the Sandman a Canadian White Supremacist who has been spreading the same filth under MGTOW label.

We can see the result of his satanic work right under his own videos.


See how white supremacist now called “3rd world” meaning “Non-European” country racist? I will answer these comment down below.

Right now let’s continue with the question.

AVFM founder Paul Elam himself used fake anti semitic to gain money from his supports. It was the most bizarre thing at the time because he is a Jewish.

His affair with married women of his organization were well known to anyone.

Did it not occur to you guys that he is hiring women in “men organization”!  What do you think these women are doing with this philanderer?

“At this time most of us rejected the Mens Rights Movement and warned others to be wary of the traditional conservatives, they are not on your side.”

Yes, however, same men’s right have switched hats, now they are operating under MGTOW, or just joining back conservatives party. Whenever you see any Pro Trump MGTOW you know he is a traditionalist + racist.

Remind these racist people that we are not a political wing for left or right, and they will out right bash you of being a leftist, or liberal.

“Fast forward a couple years and take a look at TFM, Stardusk or even Bar Bar videos and you’ll find a high amount of women and nationalists claiming to support MGTOW.”

You have made some very good point. However, please be aware we are also not in a business of bashing feminism. That is an old thinking.

  • MGTOW is about opting out!
  • Meaning Boycotting marriage.
  • We are just out.

The reason few women support MGTOW has to do with alimony. Modern time women make more money than men. After divorce they get screwed just like men. Albeit their number is very small but it’s rising pretty fast.

“Its obvious why the women are here but what in the world does MGTOW have to do with nationalism.”

Among non-english mgtow there is general agreement. MGTOW must be for all men, therefore we must never bring political bigotry among us.

Sadly we see vast majority of English speaking MGTOW (specially from US & Canada), promoting racism, and even encouraging violence against minority.

Don’t you find it odd that a men right group is bashing men migrating from Syria to Sweden?

Because these MGTOW are white supremacist!

Sandman himself is guilty of this.

One of his video he stated that little muslim children (boys) are trying to convert white kids into Islam.

Where was his proof? This is a conservatives propaganda. Comments like his video are a indisputable facts that disprove his own assertion being out of the Matrix.

“MGTOW is apolitical in nature. I personally think these nationalists are just traditional conservatives who have been rejected too many times by women and are struggling to separate their national identity from MGTOW. Or they don’t have the strength to stand alone and thus are behaving like a herd of cattle. Power in numbers after all? I think it was Stardusk pointed out ‘if these same men were to get the female validation they are looking for, they would be married in a heart beat’ and happily join in on the MGTOW basement bashing.”

It’s very rear I call anyone sending him money a brother. However, I can only agree with his last paragraph.

We are in for a losing battle. However, sometime battles are not fought for winning but for honor and dignity.

If it is a losing battle then why fight it?


Perhaps better way to look at our situation would be the horror inflicted on the residence of Zanesville, Ohio, United States. On October 2011, Terry Thompson  an animal hoarder release all of his exotic animals and committed suicide.

He had well over 60 most dangerous animals. Animals like lions, lionesses, tigers, bear etc. On Oct 2011, three mountain lions, nine male lions, and eight lionesses were going around the town and eating people horses, chicken and all sort of farm aniamls.

Traditionalist/Conservatives and White Supremacist are like Terry Thompson. They pose danger to our very existence. We have seen these kind of evil sprung up before — Adolf Hitler, and Donald Trump — ironically also of a Germanic background.

This is a civil war in manosphere. We are going to expose these cockroaches to the light, and let the public decided if it’s worth tolerating them.

“What are your thoughts Sandman?”

You’re asking the wrong person.

“Well Team Longshot thanks for your donation and topic request. First you need to ask yourself who came her first the women or the nationalists?”


An excellent video by African American describing nazi sickness spreading in MGTOW.


Here is my response:

First off, the word “nationalist” refer to “white nationalist”, “white supremacist”, some even called themselves “far right”.

You would never hear the term “nationalist” used to describe Tamil nationalist, or even Palestinian nationalist!

Another word, it is a code word. A reference to white people who want to create pure white community either by killing, murdering non-white like it was done to Native American during colonization, or Jews during WW2.

MGTOW was created as a politically neutral community. This is why it is very upsetting to see American MGTOW promoting Trump.

  • By the way; how many liberals MGTOW had promoted Obama?
  • None!
  • You know why? Because they respect the organization mission!
  • It was about divorce, alimony, paternity fraud, and unfair child support!

“2016 was definitely the year we saw many women crawl out of their chameleon cubby holes and started calling themselves WGTOW or women going their own way and the same with black women going their own way. Of course they aren’t going their own way they are going the governments way.”

Any reference to this?

More and more women are going their own way because of Trump.

Love them or hate them women are making their voice heard across the world.

Your keyboard commando is aptly called “Keyboard Cowards: Cyber Stalking, Harassment & Bullying”


So, What are you doing Papa?

Hiding in Toronto, and because all those South Asian girls did not give you a time of a day in Mississauga Cinema?

Boy that must have been a nasty 15 minutes ride back home, did you jerk off while you were driving on QEW?

PS: Feel free to come to Darwin Australia. Unlike you I am not fat 40 years slav taking like a broken robot.

“But it doesn’t matter”

Yes it does matter. MGTOW was created as a safe haven for all male of all race to talk about marriage issues! You wanna talk about politics than join political party!

Do you see Jews talking about their religious believes in Churches? No they have synagogue. Every community has it own save space.

Hell even in house you have bed room to sleep, and living to watching tv, and eat!

Once again you are wrong!

“the goal has been to re-brand themselves as allies to men and they are using the traditional conservative angle to do that.”

You are the one who is doing the re-branding. Every one of your god-damn video is label “MGTOW” when it has nothing to do with our community.

If it doesn’t hurt your vanity than do a google search on your own name, and see how many people hate you.

“Most men going their own way won’t be fooled by this nonsense but there are many nationalist and even white nationalists that are identifying these women as potential dating candidates so my guess is they are coming onto MGTOW YouTube channels and trying to attract some of these women to themselves.”

Our community was not created for political wrestling. Most men are distancing themselves.

“Some MGTOW YouTube channels are becoming potential dating sites for women and nationalists.”

Name three!

“Many of the so called nationalists could also be agents of the left coming in here to get MGTOW to identify or label itself as part of the alt-right.”

There are no Obama support in MGTOW. There are only white nationalist & conservatives in MGTOW. See the youtube video by African American, and there are many article written by non-white.

I happen to be white Anglo- Saxon from Australia nonetheless my hatred for these “nationalist” is similar to minorities.

You guys are poison to our community just buzz off.

Go join Ron Paul movement and talk about “austrian economics”.

“Men going their own way have done a great job thus far staying political atheists.”

You are not. You always bash liberals, leftist, and even minorities. Stop lying to yourself.

PS: I am still waiting for your proof about muslim boys converting white kids into islam.

“We have kept the race and nationality card off the table because we identify that a man’s race and national identity have nothing to do with his character and most of the time people in our own in group will use it as an excuse to set us up on dates or get us to support political causes.”

Again you are a pro conservatives, and white nationalist. Your own videos are the evidence of that fact.

In fact your interview with Asian MGTOW you were crying white men are portrayed in a negative way, and minorities like Black, Asian, and South Asian in a good way. Those are your own words!

You know the funny thing about the whole interview? Jerry wanted to end the interview after 30 minutes. You wanted to talked about for few hours!

It’s like going to someone’s house and they say ‘well, it was nice meeting you”. You are like oh I wanna stay the whole day!

You know why Jerry wanted to end the interview? Because he knew you were going to blew it.

Guess what, you did !

In case you forgot: why did you even bring racial aspect of the movie during the interview?

This is why I have created this web site to expose scumbags like you for using our platform to spread your racist tentacles.

“Just look at what’s happening in the United States where if you’re a black man that’s a Trump supporter you’re considered an Uncle Tom traitor to your own people.”

Before you start to judge black community, step into their shoes & walk their life they live than talk about them.. until then what you say means absolutely nothing to us other than a reflection of you.

In case you forgot:

Trump called mexican rapist. That label alone should have made every white mgtow distance from him.

Under mgtow all men are brother.

Of course to people like you only white are brothers. Stop lying and be straight.

Supporting Trump automatically makes you anti-mgotw. MGTOW means all men are brothers. Just because white supremacist & racist conservatives have taken over our community doesn’t mean rest of the world agree with you.

Again what does supporting Trump do for MGTOW?

He is a republican who support pro traditionalist values!

This is just unreal, here are you bashing black men, when in reality you should be taking the side of non-white men.

You see guys how he is obfuscating the fact Trump called mexican men rapist?

Raping who?

White men!

Here we see all the white men jump to vote for Trump, and support him!

This is just one more indication that you are a racist bigot.

Unlike you I back my statement with proof.

“There are also a lot of nationalists listening to people like Sargon of Akkad because he spoke heavily about Brexit so there’s going to be a lot of people listening to guys like him and finding the MGTOW crowd after finding him.”

Sargon of Akkad is a racist. He called men of non white background terrorist, and he want to kill murder and even rape arab, muslim and even jews.

“The main issue is that the globalists don’t like nationalism because it’s all about protecting ones own unique cultural identity from immigrants coming in and refusing to assimilate into the culture.”

Globalist is a reference to “Jews”.

Thanks for confirming everything I have said!

You are not only racist but a full blown anti semite.

PS: Fellow WordPress Blogger Mgtow Ramp wanted to use my blog for his references for his post. I am okay with it.

Feel free to use my material, and repost it as you wish. As long as you give me the credit of its creation.


Sandman Debunked #1163: Artificial Women – MGTOW


Hi everyone, today’s  response is brought to you by P. T. Barnum Followers.

Listening to Papa’s commentary is the most dullest moment you will ever experience. How many loon do you know who will talk over and over, and over again about their delusional view of utopia. You know there is a reason Utopia doesn’t exist, because it’s not possible!

Mr. Schmuck asked Sandman a question about robots for sex.

Here is a question in brevity!

“Hey sandman, I found an interesting video about robotics and how companies like Hanson Robotics are working on making robots lifelike.”

Robots are machine, and they are not bought for their appearance but for their functionality.

Those pretty looking cars like Mercedes-Benz, BMW, or any support cars would cost well over $60,000 dollar.

“Many mgtow channels including your own have identified sex robots as a solution to dealing with female bullshit.”

Unless robots are replacing entire female gender you still have to deal with them. Internet porn did not put a curb on street prostitution same goes for robots.

If anything it will give more power to female.

Today organic fruits, veggies, and meat are very pricy and people long to eat “natural” food. Same goes for female.

“Do you think it’s likely that future sex or companion robots could start manipulating men or playing mind games the way that women do? Thanks and cheers.”

What a total nincompoop!

You know the solution to a computer manipulation? Just turn of the damn thing!

“But after watching this video I was wondering if artificial intelligence could get to the point where it picks up on manipulative female behaviors and starts copying those patterns.”

I get the feeling you went to one those overly crowded school, and your teacher never paid any attention to you. Otherwise you would have known that one doesn’t need to repeat the same idea twice! C’mmon it’s not like you’re speaking in front of a noisy hall,  written words can be “reread”! It’s not like Harry Potter’s magical scroll!

“In this video the creator says that his goal is to make robots indistinguishable from humans.”

Again…. computers are not bought for their looks! Customers buy them for their usefulness.

“It got me thinking about sex robots and artificial intelligence.”

You’re not very bright are you?

Brain between your crotch doesn’t do thinking. It’s the one attached to your head.

Considering how stupid you are I bet putz like you was born without one.

Rest of the comment are gibberish…. So, let’s see how papa response to him.

“Well Ryan”

Don’t worry papa I already called him you are not willing to called fools.

“thanks for your donation and topic.”

Oh, I see fool is sending you money, you wanna keep it coming…

“I think before we ever have to worry about an artificial intelligence powerful enough to kill off humans we will have more simple androids that we will use for the purposes of sex.”

Really Sandman? We should deplete our finite resources, and destroy this planet just so you can have a metal shape female to give a blowjob?

Are you really this self centred?

“If you don’t believe me than watch the film Ex-Machina where the creator has a Kioko love bot that doesn’t talk and loves to please it’s master.”

Spoiler Alert..

That is a horrible movie to promote sex machine.

Here is ending of the movie:

“With help from Kyoko, Ava kills Nathan, but in the process Nathan destroys Kyoko and damages Ava. Ava repairs herself with parts from earlier androids, using their artificial skin to take on the full appearance of a human woman. She leaves Caleb trapped inside the facility, ignoring his screams, and escapes to the outside world in the helicopter meant to take Caleb home.”

I guess you were too busy sharpening your pencil (not a reference to masturbation!) I bet you never understood the ending of the movie. Sex robot killed her human master!

Grammatical Errors & Strange Words

Although, I belong to the most Waspish family you can imagine in Australia. I don’t mean the sting bee I am referring White Anglo-Saxon Protestant. Sometime, I must admit it does feel as if I am surrounded by bees whenever I am around all those tea snorting crumpets sniffing morons.

No wonder Sandman likes dating Anglo-Saxon girls. Don’t worry Papa Sandman I don’t mind slav like you dating members my race. I just despise you for the misinformation you are providing to public.

The reason behind these errors have to do with writing on two different platforms. Mobile device Windows 8 tablet comes with the most condescending office application you can imagine. Thanks Microsoft for selling the most sarcastic tablet as if we English didn’t have enough already! Second is my good’ole Desktop.  I normally type in my house balcony, and I just love sitting and watch the sun go down, and hear the ocean wave. I near Mindil Beach and this is one the picture of my house of the beach.


Like most Englishman my family is a heavy drinker, but I don’t do it — no alcohol at all, so you will normally see me drinking tea, and dipping biscuit (isn’t this most English thing lol!). Anyway, here is where you will normally find me. It’s near Mindil Beach.

I write a perfectly correct sentence and down the line I notice bloody thing has been changed into god knows what! I do proof reading of course. Once I finish writing the article I publish it asap, beside making me look like intellectual morons, MS Office also love to deleting my original writing with no way to retrieve it. So I finish writing, and I quickly upload it on WordPress, and than I simply proof read it from there.

So my apology for any grammatically/spelling errors you see on my blog. They are normally corrected by next update. And let’s face guys most of you are smart enough to know what’s being said here, and even with mechanically infuse grammatical error I still sound thousands time better than anything Papa Sandman has said about women (or anything else for that matter).

Perhaps I  should I also start collecting money for writing blog about nothing

Move over Seinfeld, here comes a real comedians ridding over a kangaroo.


Sandman Debunked #1162: Women Hate Responsibility – MGTOW


Hi everyone, today’s  response is brought to you by P. T. Barnum Followers.

Papa Sandman once again share his narrow minded view of women.

“This video is brought to you by a donation from Roger and he didn’t give me a topic he just said that my videos have changed his life.”

Just like you changed  your mother’s life by using her mascara on your pubic hair. But don’t pat yourself on the back just yet Papa, you are not the first who minds everyone else business but his own.

Remember Adolf Hitler changed the life of Jews & Germans. He didn’t get any medallion for his judgmental, and genocidal policy.

In case you are wondering I am not the first one to compare you with Nazis & loons. Your favorite YouTube bloggers have done that as well.

Here are the opinions from MGTOW community. Just click on the picture for original link.


Among MRM (men’s right activist) you’re well known as Joseph Goebbels.


Before you I get into debunking this video; lets remind everyone how you have been self plagiarising your own work. I would like to remind everyone how Sandman is suffering from writers’ block. 

writer's block

Just look at all the videos from the past; even the title is the same.


self_plagiarism.pngWhat he is doing is called self plagiarism. In fact Writers guild of America warn many authors. Here is an excellent article called “What Is Self Plagiarism and How to Avoid It

“Well Roger thanks for the donation and as you can see I’m going to discuss why women hate responsibility.”

You are not “discussing” anything Papa. You are just copycatting your own previous videos and changing few words and posting it back.

“I’m going to share a quote from Aristein88 a faithful listener of my channel. So here’s what Aristein88 has to say:”

Really Papa?

That’s the extent of your research?

Notification icon pops up on your review board, and you go like hmm, that’s sound like a good idea.

How about doing an actual work?

Why don’t you read the newspaper for once in your life, you can actually find things to really bash women without having to knock you brain.

Here I’ll show you!

Searching “irresponsible women” I came across an exciting article for any women hater would love to flame the internet. (notice the time on the article) 48 minutes ago.


Just to confirm it’s not a hoax, I also found other site confirming the same news.

CNN: ‘Day Without a Woman’ strike puts some parents in a bind amid school closures

Politico: How ‘A Day Without a Woman’ Could Backfire

Salon:  “A day without women”: Women’s March group announces plan to hold a general strike

See guys he could have whine and scream about women going on strike for being a women.

There are other exciting articles from google’s oracle.



Top six stories from google give could have given him enough juicy material to make a video to fume feminist’s day. But he is just too lazy to do that.

PS: I have also noticed, he has been re-uploading the same images he bought few years ago.

“Hi Sandman, Women having only their feelings to connect them to reality actually believe good intentions iS the same as doing good. “

That’s the most stupid thing you can say about anyone. How do you think a blind person walk around? If he or she opens a door and “feel” room is extremely hot. What do you think they will do? Ignore their senses and walk into the flame?

“They will blame everyone but themselves when their good intentions only pave the way to hell.”

I hate to nick pick here, that’s nothing to do with “responsibility”. People who behave like this are called:

  • Immature
  • Childish
  • Crazy
  • Narcissistic

“it’s not my fault because I was doing what was right” (i.e. what made them feel good about themselves).

You know I have three four sisters, and two brothers. I have never had any of these issues. Any give time in my family house we have my sisters, my mom, and brother’s wives. No one has ever done anything like that.

The place where I work in Australia I mostly deal with females workers. Very few behave this way. I admit I am the manager there, but hey I don’t see these type of complain about ladies by male co-workers either.

Water seek its own level. If you are an uneducated person, poor, and fat. You are only gonna find a person who lives in  ghetto/white trash area, on drug, or coming in and out of jail.

“Women don’t know what is right or wrong…..only what makes them FEEL right or wrong. So, when their actions lead to pain, destruction, and suffering they aren’t able to connect it to their actions.”

How many women do you see jumping in front of a bus?

How many pregnant women drink beer or even coffee?

How many women willing to give up their own life for their babies.

This is why conservatives are our enemies. Let’s get rid of them.

Sandman Debunked #1161: Pickup Artist Fraud – MGTOW


Hi everyone, Today’s response is brought to you by P. T. Barnum followers.

Papa Sandman he whines about “Pickup Artist Fraud”

One again papa fail to see his moral reflection on a mirror. Why go after PUA?

Let’s see they live in a nice bachelor apartment.

Papa Sandman does not even have a shower in his office/apartment!

His entire residence is a contraceptive dwelling preventing any lady to give a him a decent time of the day.

Make so wonder if Sandman ever got laid. Doesn’t he sound like a frustrated man who never saw a naked woman in real life. How many men do you know have that robotic voice devoid of emotion and feeling?

Even Spock (from Star Trek TOS) got laid with Uhura. Compare to Papa every vulcan is PUA and oozing  with success.

The thing about human being is that we all come from different background, culture, and religion, and the alchemy of it what really create something vibrant and new.  This is why people who hatred anyone with different background and culture are suffering from inferiority complex, and their jealousy is like a pressure cooker, and we can clearly see Sandman hatred against successful men is manifesting in videos.

This is why I am debunking every one of his videos.

Have a great day.

Sandman Debunked #1160: Why Bother With Women? – MGTOW



Hi everyone, Today’s response is brought to you by P. T. Barnum followers.

Papa Sandman answer a question “Why Bother with women?”

Oh my! Talk about pot calling the kettle black. Here is Sandman complaining about women in every one of his video (this one number 1160).

Just think about it!

Here, let me give you a visual.


Let me type that number in letters “one thousand nine hundred and eighty”.  Let’s go little further.

These are the list of pictures he uploaded on his video, and all of his “1160” videos have around same number of pictures.


Let’s Do Arithmetic

1160 multiply by 8 = 9280

Vast majority of the pictures are of girls. That is over nine hundred and eighty pictures. That’s a literal definition of a troll. This probably doesn’t even count the innumerable pictures he download & shifted through to make them part of his “daily dose” of insanity.

He should go back to drinking tea and sniffing crumpets.

Update: About Blog


Alright guys, there are over 1,500 empty pages on this blogs. The reason is I am planning to debunked every single video of Sandman.

We need to get rid of racist, and extremist people out of our community.

His method of gaining popularity is by simply flooding the video of everyday, and put us back into plantation conservatives style.

I can also some of your help. Let’s debunk him together. Your ideas, your support is greatly appreciated.

Thanks for reading.

Let’s make our community strong again.