Many of us in MGTOW community are sick of Sandman flooding YouTube with his videos under MGTOW label.

He is a Canadian Conservatives hiding behind MGTOW label. Conservatives took over Men’s Right Community, and after destroying that community they are trying to takeover this one as well.

Traditionalist & Conservatives only want to talk about feminism, and evil immigrants. This they think will help end marriage crisis.

Main problem with marriage is traditionalist conservatives trying to enslave female, we can not blame women, or even feminism.

It is their obsession with holding on to 18th century version of lifestyle. When there were no electricity, and no modern appliance like modern day kitchen, or even laundry machine. Another word household labor is not the same as it used to be. Therefore this idea that women haveĀ  to stay home, and take care of kids nothing but enslaving women in house. What do they expect wives to do when kids are at school from morning to afternoon, and house work is merely flipping couple knobs.

We mgtow only care about one single thing end alimony, strict laws against paternity fraud, and no benefit for men & women who cheat when married.

However, we also don’t want to end no fault divorce. If anyone wants to opt out there should have to explain their reasoning at all. Do you have to go to government and proof why you are leaving parent’s house?