Sandman Debunked #1169:Don’t Be a Cuck – MGTOW

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Look the amazing amount of grammatical + spelling error by Sandman and fool who sent him the story.

“Hello Sandman, I found a video called The Truth About Larken Rose on YouTube and I’m sharing the link with you. This happened a few months back, I want you to review it. Give me and your audience your analysis on the female behavior. It’s about this Amanda Rachwitz girl. She’s a famous libertarian chick on Facebook (celebritarian).”

No, she is not!

“Her husband discovered her cheating with another celebritarian “Larken Rose” – he has written a few books and is a celebrated orator within the libertarian community. Her husband’s story is the video more or less.”

No info is available about her on any website. Only website there is is one created by her, and her own face book!

No major celebrity site has her profile…

No wiki page!

She ain’t popular!

“Now I have my suspicion that they are attending the same event in Mexico in mid February called Anarchopulco hosted by another celebritarian “Jeff Berwick”. Amanda has in the past asked the libertarian community to donate money to her travels in the past prior to her cheating scandal discovery. Now the both of them are meeting again in mexico and I can’t help but think this more of the same cheating shit, but this time around she’s selling t-shirts vs begging for donations (the donations thing was suspect because she was married at the time and living in a million dollar house with her ex-hubby). Also before she married this catch of a guy she was a single mom. Thanks Sandman.”

You are an idiot

“Well Mr. Anonymous thanks for your donation and topic request. So Amanda’s husband Tom catches her cheating by finding penis pics and a sexual conversation on her phone. She was having a two year affair he knew nothing about. But while she was boning Larken she stayed with the husband because he has money. She never wanted to be found out and I’m sure she would still be having the affair today if her dirty little secret had never come out.”

Hey papa the whole story is fake!

“She was hiding there in plain sight on her phone and he found out about her affair by accident. According to Amanda Larken was going to kill himself but Amanda counselled him and fell in love with him. They had long intimate conversations and an emotional affair first leading to a real one later. She fell in love with him after a phone relationship. Larken seduced her with what sounds like new age bullshit. She drempt she was a dragon in heaven and still uses this metaphor in her talks about being a dragon.”

Kindly provide some reference to backup you claim!

Again she is nobody!

“I say demon but she says dragon. Not much difference if you ask men. Women believe in weird fairy tales and astrological beliefs. So when her husband Tom questioned her about the affair she said that she grew a second heart inside of her. Everyone knows this is bullshit because women can’t love men the way that we love women. If she had said she had grown a second vagina that would be more believable. But Love is not selfish and women are so they can’t love. She said she never changed how she felt about him and wanted to stay with him while boning Larken. Actually I think she never changed how she felt about his money and her lifestyle and not him per se.”

If it does not make sense than it is not true.

Whole store is fake!

“He finds out she’s cheating but he tries to console her and restore what they had. What a cuck move. He should have just kicked her out on the spot. So she was cheating on Tom with a so called Alpha guy, Larken with status and charisma and Tom was the wealthy man that was her beta provider so she could be a dragon that she is. She wanted it all the rich guy to support her and charismatic alpha brute to have sport sex with.”

Is this what it comes to. Wasting time on fake stories?

Sandman Debunked #1168: Liberation Bot Project – MGTOW


Hi everyone, today’s  response is brought to you by P. T. Barnum Followers.

Finally, Sandman admits that his entire gripe with feminist is due to his sexual dysfunction. His has been fetishizing for a house wife, almost like a slave as result he can not get erection.

Also Sandman admits that he is using MGTOW to make money. He does not want to help men securing equal rights, his ultimate goal is to make as much money out of men using outlandish idea possible.

Also in a roundabout way he admits he is suffering from sexual dysfunction because he does not have a woman chained up to a radiator.

I gonna make slight change to the way I have been debunking Sandman.

I will only quote the question asked by Sandman. So called questions he gets are pretty much made up by him — and then there is always a personal bio. How many times do you wanna hear personal gripe of someone living in their mother’s basement?

Links to the original video still provided below. I don’t want to advertise his crap anymore.

“Hi Sandman, I would like to hear more about your liberation bot project. I and a Friend who is a biomedical engineer have been discussing the prospects of doing research in this area and maybe building a company. If you get a chance drop me a line.”

I am glade to see Sandman letting us see all the gay men sending him the line…

“Well David thanks for the donation and topic request. As you see I’ve choosen to make a video response so everyone can enjoy and think about what I’m working on.”

Gather around him Papa is going to show you his invention!

“When I first sat down and thought about building a sex robot I thought about building something that resembles a real doll but has motors inside to keep the skin warm as well as a speaker inside to mimic a heart and possibly even a pair of artificial lungs.”

This is why you went to art school rather engineer school.

“That way I wouldn’t be selling a sex or liberation bot but instead would market it as a hugging companion doll for retirement residences and as a sleeping aid to make people like they are sleeping next to someone in their bed at night.”

It’s like Japanese person with no knowledge of Italian making an Italian dictionary.

  • When was the last time you were hugged?
  • Other than your own mom who cooked and clean your place.
  • Any girl got you a present for your birthday?


“The idea was to target the emotional component.”

Thanks for admitting that you are manipulating  everyone here.

“That way I wouldn’t be criticized by social justice warriors and considering the fact that the majority of people in nursing homes are women I would use the excuse that it helps women with loneliness to make target it to nursing homes and care facilities to calm the patients.”

You are an idiot!

“I saw what happened with the power of touch when nursing homes would bring in therapy dogs that the inmates in nursing homes could touch and feel.”


These are actual dogs you numbnuts!

“Eventually I could put a vagina into the dolls and market them as sexual aids. But that’s when the situation would become far more complicated.”


That’s when feminists would come out and call them roofy rape robots because the robots are sleeping and you can have sex with them. They would argue that the robots couldn’t give consent or that they would promote rape culture because they would socialize men to have sex with a female sex object that would technically be seen as sleeping, drugged or raped. But by that point our culture would accept them because of the institutional use of the hugging robots for therapy I mentioned before.”

Agains those are real dogs!

Distraught students get therapy dogs to cope with Trump’s win

“The robots would also have their eyes closed so they would be better at getting past the uncanny valley. Looking an android or robot in the eyes is the first thing you do and is usually where the robots fail the uncanny valley test.”

What are you yammering about!

So that’s my first idea at building a lifelike Android and it has it’s purpose.”

An electrical machine where you can put your soft penis!

“The problems with building a lifelike Android is that we don’t have the technology to pull it off right now and the uncanny valley is something we won’t be able to pass in my opinion for another twenty or thirty years until we get highly advanced 3D printers like something you might see on the television show Westworld where we can print muscles and skin accurately.”

No papa problem is you and your soft dick. As for everything you said here. These concept machine are already in existence.


Toyota to Sell ‘Cuddly Companion’ Robot in Japan

“Otherwise we are going to be rather limited. So that’s when I started looking at technology like Oculus Rift because I started to see po$nography companies out there scan complete humans that you could walk around and see from all different angles.”

You are obsessive with sex because you are physically unable to do sex.


Sandman’s Bot Project


Sandman Debunked #1167: Spirit of MGTOW


Hi everyone, tod111ay’s  response is brought to you by P. T. Barnum Followers.

Here Sandman reveals us that his mind is filled with grotesque and debasing superstitions. He has no instincts of integrity and honor in his souls. Like a demon he likes to incited others to premature debauchery and perversion; to be imbued with thoughtless irresponsibility; and to be prepared for addiction to mind-destroying drugs and an existence below the animal level.

Let’s debunk the Title first “Spirit of MGTOW”.

You ain’t got it papa. You would not even know if it hit you on the head.

Also MGTOW is not mature enough to have a spirit.

The reason why the Sandman anti-feminism disgusts MGTOW observers is that it ignores
the existence of the MGTOW female obsession. It looks like sheer hypocrisy. After all, the Sandman have absorbed a quarter of the MGTOW followers, and poisoning their minds by means of a psychological manipulation.

“Hi Sandman, Thank you for your dedicated practice of diving deep into consciousness, extracting complex thoughts, then forging them into language that is easily accessible for the enlightenment of others. “

Did you type this after watching her Videos?

“Your work serves as a credit to humanity and I consider you to be a Pychonaut or someone who explores inner space.”

Calling a rapist a human plumber won’t change the fact the man is criminal.

He makes crazy people more insane.. That’s not a job, it’s an insult to an injury!

“This brings me to my question.”

Your entire existence is a question!

“Do you practice yoga, meditate or partake in psychotropic substances, i. e. cannabis, psilocybin mushrooms, LSD or other supplements for the benefit of accessing deeper levels of consciousness?”

You know I was wrong, you are just plain old crazy with drug addiction.

Sad very sad..

In case you miss my sarcasm due to your drug induced lifestyle.

Putting things in you body not require for survival is bad.

“I’ve been practising yoga each day for several years now and it has changed my life completely by conditioning me let go of a number of attachments that were no longer serving me including ones connected to my biological imperative.”

Sandman doesn’t support your lifestyle…

An excellent response to his video Monks of MGTOW

“After viewing more than 100 of your videos and learning about your struggles with health, I would be remiss if I didn’t share that a dedicated yoga practice will add exponential quality to your life and well being.”

“The most important relationship that you will ever participate in is the one that you have with yourself. Please take care of your whole self. Reach out to me if you want to learn more about yoga? I would would be delighted to help you. Cheers and namaste.”

“Well Artman thanks for the donation and your questions.”

He never asked you a question. Entire paragraph is rambling of crazy stuff of a drug induce lunatic…

Sandman Answer:

“This video is going to be less conventional than usual and will discuss some very personal observations about involving psychic phenomena in my own life.”

Name three video s where were “conventional”.

Papa, you are not a normal person.

“It’s interesting that you mention taking supplements that help access deeper levels of consciousness.”

Okay this is going to be interesting…

00_inmydays“When I was 23 years old I had a falling out with my parents because of the woman I was with so I moved in with her and I had the worst possible case of what I can only describe as a panic state.”

No wonder everyone think you are an old fart!


“For about two days I couldn’t calm down and my heart rate was out of control, I couldn’t sleep and the emotional anguish was so great I decided to head to the hospital. I spoke to the doctor and he gave me a tiny white pill called larazepam which is an anti-anxiety medication. “


What makes you think you are qualified to give anyone any advice when you can’t even stay calm with little changes in your life?

Hell you were not homeless, you have place to sleep, and even sex with someone.

The only thing you are doing here is gathering all the people who are suffering just like you, and making them even more  miserable.

“I knocked me out for almost a day and I slept for a very long long time. When I finally woke up there was a side effect.”

It seems to me that you are still sleep walking.

“When I went to sleep after taking that pill I woke up with the knowledge of how much money I was going to make the next day on my Ebay and Website business to the exact penny.”

Wasn’t this around the time when you were worried about peak oil, and all the harm oil was doing to our earth. Now you decided to join Racist Conservatives party, and bring same hate mongering into MGTOW.

“So I checked the computer and found the exact amount. I didn’t think anything of it and just chalked it up to a miraculous coincidence.”

You are delusional!

“Then a couple of days after that I went to sleep and had this horrible dream where I was walking around in a hanger while wearing a lab coat and there were tons of burnt pieces of metal.”

Most of us can not even remember our dream after waking up. You know why? Because our real life is so interesting, and very fulfilling.

“I was holding one of them and was inside a hanger that had a dark concrete floor with yellow lines on it in a grid pattern. I woke up and had the same feeling that I felt two days before and I knew something had happened. I thought the dream was metaphorically telling me that there was something wrong with my business and I had to correct it. So I looked over my stats and analytics and found nothing wrong. But I knew something bad had happened and I would describe the feeling as just knowing but I can’t really explain it.”

It is simply an affirmation of naked insanity, quite consciously and intentionally. When you were your father should had his his boot crashing down on  your face and so rest of us would not have to deal with your temper tantrums.

All you are tell us is that “Yes, I am crazy, and you daren’t laugh at me”,

You know Sandman when you are going to die the only fleas morn will your death.

SANDMAN DEBUNKED #1166: She Loves Money | Not!


dylanmcdermottshivarose6thannualsagud0t7ntzt0ylHi everyone, today’s  response is brought to you by P. T. Barnum Followers.

Short answer to title of the video is simple

Not all women go after money. Look at Shiva Rose. She married to actor Dylan McDermott in 1995, and their marriage dissolve in 2007. They were both residence of California. After ten years marriage she was qualified to life-time alimony. Yet she did not sue him, did not take him to court, nor she asked for life-time alimony.

The best part of their post marriage is for their kids. They did not fought for custody. They have joint custody, and he does not need permission to see his daughters.


“Hi Sandman, I am basically a TFL guy. Most women who’ve met me are not interested. I have to quickly brag a bit about myself in order to give you an idea about what women are turning their nose up at.”

Please do!

“I am slightly overweight, but somewhat fit.”

You’re in denial. If you have to admit you are fat, and than defend you fatness. Than you’re verrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrry fat

“I am able to go on a 10 km hike, ride a bike up a steep hill, and I can run a few Km. I don’t do any drugs or have any addictions. I’m fairly nice, caring, supportive.. overall a pretty decent guy.”

10km ride…  comes to be about an hours bike one way — that’s about two hours.

Also you like walking few km… Say two hours back and forth.

You are ashamed to admit you are “overweight” = “very fat”.

However, no information about job, education, career.

Another word you have no job, and no career.

Dare I say. You also I have no education?


“About half the women who reject me and talk to me tell me that I am a fantastic guy but that I’ll make some other woman happy.”

Where about are you meeting these ladies?

Any average man with decent job, or career can find a wife. Perhaps not a good wife, or women to be with forever, but nonetheless a decent person.

“The other half generally use deflection tactics, like not replying to messages or delaying replies to frustrate my attempts letting me know they aren’t interested. Stranger still many put me in the friend zone and are contacts on social media.”

Oh I see you are one of these guys who sit home like an idiot waiting for some girl to click on your picture on tinder…

Pretty sad really.

“I later see the sort of men they date, and often they are guys with money.”

Women date guys with money — because these guys have successful career, like doctor, engineer. Hell, they will even marry a guy who has union job with 50k a year.

What’s wrong with that?

Would you marry a woman who is fat, ugly, doesn’t have a job, can’t cook, and sit home all day?

“Their Facebook feeds feature buying big expensive houses worth a half million bucks, expensive cars worth tens of thousands, trips to exotic locations overseas, cruise ships, expensive weddings…etc…etc.”

By the Sandman tell everyone to guy shinny new thing so eye catchy material (like you mention above) will get girl into your bed.

“During these single years I have been in a Red Pill Rage, watching MGTOW, paying off debts left behind from past women, and really getting my financial house in order.”

Did you admit ladies don’t find any attractive?

Second it was the ladies who forced you to go into financial debt. You did that to yourself!

“I can say that I am debt free now, but you could say I have a net worth of zero.”

Another word you live in your mom’s basement.

I have a few interviews lined up for significantly higher paying work, and my future could be quite good financially in the next few years.

“I have no children by some miracle, no payments to make to ex wives, I am totally at a net zero for debts.”

It’s not a miracle. It’s obvious. No sane woman would want to have a child with a fat guy with no job, and no future saving. If you could not save penny for yourself, how are you going to do it for your own kids’ future expense, not to mention university level education!

“So, finally my question. I suspect that suddenly all these women who’ve rejected me, and some who might enter my life out of the clear blue, will smell the money and will try to get it through developing a relationship with me.”

Above statements were your brief and pathetic biography.

Once you get money — that you are able to pry yourself out bed, and walk into the mall job burger flipping job, you don’t need to worry about women voluntarily showing you their naked body.

“What should I do to prepare mentally in advance of the gold digger rush I am sure to experience?”

First step is dating. That’s when you look for all the red flags…

You would have known that if you have ever dated a women.

“What sort of advice would you offer a guy like myself who is older and starting a later in life comeback?”

Did you finally get approval for disability and you’re getting $500 check for the government?

“I know in the back of my mind that I only have 20 years or so left to make a retirement nest egg. One more relationship with a gold digger could cost me my future welfare. What do you think Sandman??”

20 years to make retirement hmmm.

Traditionally, the full benefit age is 65.

So 65-20 = 44.

So you are around 44 years old.

A 44 years old man is asking another loser on the internet of his future planning.

Hey Sandman, are you sure you are not talking about yourself?

Story pretty describe you. You live in a tiny place with no shower, and your life saving consist of three monitors, and a clunky old car that has more kilometer than Streek running on Queen’s Street!

“Well Mr. Anonymous thanks for the donation and topic. A few years ago there was a woman and I asked her out and she was only interested in being friends.”

Damn sadman since when you start writing about your life!

Above story is pretty you. You are also chubby. Remember your video when you showed you hand? You looked kinda chubby.

Another of your video with MRA meeting we see your reflection, you look like a momma  boys.

Did you eat the entire pizza that day because you moma belittle your opinion again?

PS: Don’t worry I have all of them saved in my hard drive, and few volunteer all over world keeping it safe as well.

“A few years later she saw that I had a new tablet, cameras and was looking for a host my travelling channel and suddenly her tune changed. She invited me over and cleared the house of her then three room mates, offered me lunch and played soft electronic music to get me to relax.”

Yeah…. You made up the whole story papa

“She wanted me to make a move on her. But she rejected me before and now suddenly I was worthy of her because I guess my marketplace value had risen because of my financial success?”

Next time don’t find them on craiglist.

“As a result of seeing this I rejected her staged approach and didn’t want to date her. The moment had passed and I could see exactly what she was doing and that was enough to get me not to approach her.”

Assuming this story is true. You did not reject her, because you went to her house. Rejection in this case means she did not want to have sex with you.

You and the goof who sent you the story are wrong there are women who don’t go after men’s money at all — see Shiva Rose store.



Sandman Debunked #1165: Women Love Differently – MGTOW


women-of-compassion-2-300x200Hi everyone, today’s  response is brought to you by P. T. Barnum Followers.

Listening to Papa Sandman is like eating a food vomited out of the oven. It’s even more amusing when Sandman himself admit he sound like shit! Yup that’s what said.

Here is the question!
“Hi Sandman, I’m new to MGTOW so if you already have done something related to this, I apologise in advance.”

He should have send you the link of his old video: Female Compassion – MGTOW.

“I want you to cover Adam and Eve.”

You should have called your local pastor, or local rabbi they would have cover the subject for free, and hell just watch some videos on YouTube.

“The snake or Satan, went to Eve and told her she could have it all, Eve went to Adam and said here, try this.”

That’s not how it went! According to Genesis chapter 3 fall of man. Eve ate from tree of knowledge, and gave the other piece to Adam. This resulted losing their innocent which is why god expel them from Heaven.

If you read the story which state Adam & Eve were standing right next to each other. It wasn’t like Eve was strolling around the Tree of Knowledge, and serpent/Satan tricked her she ate, and pick the other one handed to Adam.

“Looks like a time tested pattern for our society.”

You’re implying we carry Original Sin. That is Catholic concept.

Rest of the Christian domination don’t believe in that. Death of Jesus ended the idea son carry the sin of the father.

Also, Judaism where this story originated doesn’t have a concept of “the fall” or “original sin” and has varying other interpretations of the Eden narrative.

In fact Jews do not even believe in hell.

This is from Torah:

Daniel 12:2 proclaims “And many of those who sleep in the dust of the earth shall awake, Some to everlasting life, Some to shame and everlasting contempt.”

“As for me I’ve had three failed marriages and two long term relationships.”

You are better of listening to Tom Leykis

“I’m a very, very very slow learner when it comes to women and I appreciate your insight and thoughtfulness.”

Knowing you short coming is a first step to freedom. My suggestion is avoid relationship. You have five failure. Pick another hobby. Have tried racket ball? I hear it’s fun.

Papa’s Response:

“Well David thanks for your donation and I wasn’t sure how to cover your topic which is women’s motivation in the garden of Eden.”

Well you could have research! Granted you were raised as Orthodox Christian home, catholicism is not that different. Beside Canada (your native country) predominantly catholic.

Hell use the Internet. You got three monitors. put the stuff on one screen!

“I’d like to take this chance to discuss something I’ve recently read about called the “Neanderthal Predation Theory” as an alternate explanation to the garden of eden story you shared David.”

Yeah… That’s not the answer of his question…

As they say in Canada: Faux Pas.

It’s like your family doctor sending you to dentist when you need to see heart specialist. That’s not an alternative doctor. It’s a wrong doctor.

“Satan told women they could have it all and women believed it.”

Wrong: First it was only one Eve

Second: Satan did not tell her. he invoke curiosity into her which led to her downfall.

Read: The Fall of Man (Genesis 3:1-24).

“Well women want to beta males to raise their children while the Alphas take them in ecstasy.”

It goes for men too. How many men are willing to marry a nice kind wonderful girl who love them, and sexually please them expect she has a missing leg, or blind, or look like albino?

Let me give you an example. You know movie crtict Roger Ebert?

Did you know way back he was a total failure, alcoholic and drug addict?


It was his wife Chaz Hammelsmith who save him, and she was his ladder to success. She stood by him until the very end. Even to this day she is not married, and she faithful to him. I bet you did not even know this white dude was married to a black lady who love him to death.

By the way in her case she was trading down — he was a failure, and she was a /still is successful lawyer, and partnership!

Music you love listening to while make these video. One of your favorite singer Philip “Phil” Kenneth Collen is married to women who help him rise to his success.


“They want it all and I want to make the case that at one point in history women probably did have it all back around fifty-five thousand years ago.”

You can’t have a cake and eat it. Either agree or disagree. According to Christian eat is 5,000 years old. According to Christian god put Neanderthals & Dinosaurs bone to test their faith.

There is evidence out there in the fossil record to show that 55 thousand years ago humans and neanderthals lived side by side.”


I put a link in the description to what Danny Vendramini thinks is the real garden of Eden a place where humans were human males hunted were hunted by Neanderthals for meat and where human females were hunted for sex.

Danny Vendramini, a TV producer and scriptwriter, with an interest in evolutionary biology. He has no scientific background what’s so ever. William Shatner was a fictional Captain of Star Trek, but it does not mean he is qualified to fly Nasa space ship.

“I would wager that women’s fear of rape and a rape culture might come down to this idea that fifty-five thousand years ago women were hunted by these ferocious hairy man beasts that looked nothing like humans.””

You are an idiot.

Past nine videos which I debunked pretty much cover the same subject.

By the following quote from psychology will also debunk the title of your video.

Psychology Today: Are Women Really More Compassionate?

“Both men and women reported experiencing the same levels of compassion in response to the photographs. However, the regions of the brain activated in men were different than those in women. While this study does not suggest that one gender experiences compassion more than the other, it suggests that the genders may differ in how compassion is experienced and expressed.”

Title of the his video pretty much pretty much summed it up the entire question & answer.

So what’s the answer of the question?

Very simple.

Women are human being, they love their kids, parents the same way as men.

As surprising as it may sound their love towards their parents, and even husbands is not that different!

Women will always be misandric, just as men will also be misogynistic.

So what is the point of MGTOW?

Problem lies with the laws.

This means Traditionalist (Conservatives & Liberals) are our enemies.

Current laws are set against men. Married woman made a child with another man can divorce her husband, and she will be qualify for half of her husband property, alimony, and even child-support.

That’s what we are fighting for.

People like Sandman are our enemies.



Sandman Debunked #1164: Nationalism & MGTOW


Hi everyone, today’s  response is brought to you by P. T. Barnum Followers.

Every now and then Papa gets some really interesting questionnaire.

Mr. Longshot sent him a reasonable observation of MGTOW community, and how white nationalist are destroying our community. Sadly the Mr. Long shot doesn’t realize that Sandman is a full blown white supremacist, you will see the twisted Anti-Semitic mind of Sandman. He was always promoting hatred toward men of non-european background, so it’s business as usual.

“Hey Sandman, I’ve been around MGTOW for a long time now, back when MGTOW and the Mens Rights Movement was one and the same on AVFM.”

The reason MGTOW split off from AVFM was because of Paul Elam. He was looking the other way when white nationalist were taking over AVFM.

Incidentally AVFM was created because of the same reason — Men’s Right were talking about everything from immigration to inter-racial marriages. No talk about divorce, paternity fraud, or alimony.  It was — and still is a nice umbrella to hide under for white supremacist to spread their poison.

Sadly the Sandman a Canadian White Supremacist who has been spreading the same filth under MGTOW label.

We can see the result of his satanic work right under his own videos.


See how white supremacist now called “3rd world” meaning “Non-European” country racist? I will answer these comment down below.

Right now let’s continue with the question.

AVFM founder Paul Elam himself used fake anti semitic to gain money from his supports. It was the most bizarre thing at the time because he is a Jewish.

His affair with married women of his organization were well known to anyone.

Did it not occur to you guys that he is hiring women in “men organization”!  What do you think these women are doing with this philanderer?

“At this time most of us rejected the Mens Rights Movement and warned others to be wary of the traditional conservatives, they are not on your side.”

Yes, however, same men’s right have switched hats, now they are operating under MGTOW, or just joining back conservatives party. Whenever you see any Pro Trump MGTOW you know he is a traditionalist + racist.

Remind these racist people that we are not a political wing for left or right, and they will out right bash you of being a leftist, or liberal.

“Fast forward a couple years and take a look at TFM, Stardusk or even Bar Bar videos and you’ll find a high amount of women and nationalists claiming to support MGTOW.”

You have made some very good point. However, please be aware we are also not in a business of bashing feminism. That is an old thinking.

  • MGTOW is about opting out!
  • Meaning Boycotting marriage.
  • We are just out.

The reason few women support MGTOW has to do with alimony. Modern time women make more money than men. After divorce they get screwed just like men. Albeit their number is very small but it’s rising pretty fast.

“Its obvious why the women are here but what in the world does MGTOW have to do with nationalism.”

Among non-english mgtow there is general agreement. MGTOW must be for all men, therefore we must never bring political bigotry among us.

Sadly we see vast majority of English speaking MGTOW (specially from US & Canada), promoting racism, and even encouraging violence against minority.

Don’t you find it odd that a men right group is bashing men migrating from Syria to Sweden?

Because these MGTOW are white supremacist!

Sandman himself is guilty of this.

One of his video he stated that little muslim children (boys) are trying to convert white kids into Islam.

Where was his proof? This is a conservatives propaganda. Comments like his video are a indisputable facts that disprove his own assertion being out of the Matrix.

“MGTOW is apolitical in nature. I personally think these nationalists are just traditional conservatives who have been rejected too many times by women and are struggling to separate their national identity from MGTOW. Or they don’t have the strength to stand alone and thus are behaving like a herd of cattle. Power in numbers after all? I think it was Stardusk pointed out ‘if these same men were to get the female validation they are looking for, they would be married in a heart beat’ and happily join in on the MGTOW basement bashing.”

It’s very rear I call anyone sending him money a brother. However, I can only agree with his last paragraph.

We are in for a losing battle. However, sometime battles are not fought for winning but for honor and dignity.

If it is a losing battle then why fight it?


Perhaps better way to look at our situation would be the horror inflicted on the residence of Zanesville, Ohio, United States. On October 2011, Terry Thompson  an animal hoarder release all of his exotic animals and committed suicide.

He had well over 60 most dangerous animals. Animals like lions, lionesses, tigers, bear etc. On Oct 2011, three mountain lions, nine male lions, and eight lionesses were going around the town and eating people horses, chicken and all sort of farm aniamls.

Traditionalist/Conservatives and White Supremacist are like Terry Thompson. They pose danger to our very existence. We have seen these kind of evil sprung up before — Adolf Hitler, and Donald Trump — ironically also of a Germanic background.

This is a civil war in manosphere. We are going to expose these cockroaches to the light, and let the public decided if it’s worth tolerating them.

“What are your thoughts Sandman?”

You’re asking the wrong person.

“Well Team Longshot thanks for your donation and topic request. First you need to ask yourself who came her first the women or the nationalists?”


An excellent video by African American describing nazi sickness spreading in MGTOW.


Here is my response:

First off, the word “nationalist” refer to “white nationalist”, “white supremacist”, some even called themselves “far right”.

You would never hear the term “nationalist” used to describe Tamil nationalist, or even Palestinian nationalist!

Another word, it is a code word. A reference to white people who want to create pure white community either by killing, murdering non-white like it was done to Native American during colonization, or Jews during WW2.

MGTOW was created as a politically neutral community. This is why it is very upsetting to see American MGTOW promoting Trump.

  • By the way; how many liberals MGTOW had promoted Obama?
  • None!
  • You know why? Because they respect the organization mission!
  • It was about divorce, alimony, paternity fraud, and unfair child support!

“2016 was definitely the year we saw many women crawl out of their chameleon cubby holes and started calling themselves WGTOW or women going their own way and the same with black women going their own way. Of course they aren’t going their own way they are going the governments way.”

Any reference to this?

More and more women are going their own way because of Trump.

Love them or hate them women are making their voice heard across the world.

Your keyboard commando is aptly called “Keyboard Cowards: Cyber Stalking, Harassment & Bullying”


So, What are you doing Papa?

Hiding in Toronto, and because all those South Asian girls did not give you a time of a day in Mississauga Cinema?

Boy that must have been a nasty 15 minutes ride back home, did you jerk off while you were driving on QEW?

PS: Feel free to come to Darwin Australia. Unlike you I am not fat 40 years slav taking like a broken robot.

“But it doesn’t matter”

Yes it does matter. MGTOW was created as a safe haven for all male of all race to talk about marriage issues! You wanna talk about politics than join political party!

Do you see Jews talking about their religious believes in Churches? No they have synagogue. Every community has it own save space.

Hell even in house you have bed room to sleep, and living to watching tv, and eat!

Once again you are wrong!

“the goal has been to re-brand themselves as allies to men and they are using the traditional conservative angle to do that.”

You are the one who is doing the re-branding. Every one of your god-damn video is label “MGTOW” when it has nothing to do with our community.

If it doesn’t hurt your vanity than do a google search on your own name, and see how many people hate you.

“Most men going their own way won’t be fooled by this nonsense but there are many nationalist and even white nationalists that are identifying these women as potential dating candidates so my guess is they are coming onto MGTOW YouTube channels and trying to attract some of these women to themselves.”

Our community was not created for political wrestling. Most men are distancing themselves.

“Some MGTOW YouTube channels are becoming potential dating sites for women and nationalists.”

Name three!

“Many of the so called nationalists could also be agents of the left coming in here to get MGTOW to identify or label itself as part of the alt-right.”

There are no Obama support in MGTOW. There are only white nationalist & conservatives in MGTOW. See the youtube video by African American, and there are many article written by non-white.

I happen to be white Anglo- Saxon from Australia nonetheless my hatred for these “nationalist” is similar to minorities.

You guys are poison to our community just buzz off.

Go join Ron Paul movement and talk about “austrian economics”.

“Men going their own way have done a great job thus far staying political atheists.”

You are not. You always bash liberals, leftist, and even minorities. Stop lying to yourself.

PS: I am still waiting for your proof about muslim boys converting white kids into islam.

“We have kept the race and nationality card off the table because we identify that a man’s race and national identity have nothing to do with his character and most of the time people in our own in group will use it as an excuse to set us up on dates or get us to support political causes.”

Again you are a pro conservatives, and white nationalist. Your own videos are the evidence of that fact.

In fact your interview with Asian MGTOW you were crying white men are portrayed in a negative way, and minorities like Black, Asian, and South Asian in a good way. Those are your own words!

You know the funny thing about the whole interview? Jerry wanted to end the interview after 30 minutes. You wanted to talked about for few hours!

It’s like going to someone’s house and they say ‘well, it was nice meeting you”. You are like oh I wanna stay the whole day!

You know why Jerry wanted to end the interview? Because he knew you were going to blew it.

Guess what, you did !

In case you forgot: why did you even bring racial aspect of the movie during the interview?

This is why I have created this web site to expose scumbags like you for using our platform to spread your racist tentacles.

“Just look at what’s happening in the United States where if you’re a black man that’s a Trump supporter you’re considered an Uncle Tom traitor to your own people.”

Before you start to judge black community, step into their shoes & walk their life they live than talk about them.. until then what you say means absolutely nothing to us other than a reflection of you.

In case you forgot:

Trump called mexican rapist. That label alone should have made every white mgtow distance from him.

Under mgtow all men are brother.

Of course to people like you only white are brothers. Stop lying and be straight.

Supporting Trump automatically makes you anti-mgotw. MGTOW means all men are brothers. Just because white supremacist & racist conservatives have taken over our community doesn’t mean rest of the world agree with you.

Again what does supporting Trump do for MGTOW?

He is a republican who support pro traditionalist values!

This is just unreal, here are you bashing black men, when in reality you should be taking the side of non-white men.

You see guys how he is obfuscating the fact Trump called mexican men rapist?

Raping who?

White men!

Here we see all the white men jump to vote for Trump, and support him!

This is just one more indication that you are a racist bigot.

Unlike you I back my statement with proof.

“There are also a lot of nationalists listening to people like Sargon of Akkad because he spoke heavily about Brexit so there’s going to be a lot of people listening to guys like him and finding the MGTOW crowd after finding him.”

Sargon of Akkad is a racist. He called men of non white background terrorist, and he want to kill murder and even rape arab, muslim and even jews.

“The main issue is that the globalists don’t like nationalism because it’s all about protecting ones own unique cultural identity from immigrants coming in and refusing to assimilate into the culture.”

Globalist is a reference to “Jews”.

Thanks for confirming everything I have said!

You are not only racist but a full blown anti semite.

PS: Fellow WordPress Blogger Mgtow Ramp wanted to use my blog for his references for his post. I am okay with it.

Feel free to use my material, and repost it as you wish. As long as you give me the credit of its creation.


Sandman Debunked #1163: Artificial Women – MGTOW


Hi everyone, today’s  response is brought to you by P. T. Barnum Followers.

Listening to Papa’s commentary is the most dullest moment you will ever experience. How many loon do you know who will talk over and over, and over again about their delusional view of utopia. You know there is a reason Utopia doesn’t exist, because it’s not possible!

Mr. Schmuck asked Sandman a question about robots for sex.

Here is a question in brevity!

“Hey sandman, I found an interesting video about robotics and how companies like Hanson Robotics are working on making robots lifelike.”

Robots are machine, and they are not bought for their appearance but for their functionality.

Those pretty looking cars like Mercedes-Benz, BMW, or any support cars would cost well over $60,000 dollar.

“Many mgtow channels including your own have identified sex robots as a solution to dealing with female bullshit.”

Unless robots are replacing entire female gender you still have to deal with them. Internet porn did not put a curb on street prostitution same goes for robots.

If anything it will give more power to female.

Today organic fruits, veggies, and meat are very pricy and people long to eat “natural” food. Same goes for female.

“Do you think it’s likely that future sex or companion robots could start manipulating men or playing mind games the way that women do? Thanks and cheers.”

What a total nincompoop!

You know the solution to a computer manipulation? Just turn of the damn thing!

“But after watching this video I was wondering if artificial intelligence could get to the point where it picks up on manipulative female behaviors and starts copying those patterns.”

I get the feeling you went to one those overly crowded school, and your teacher never paid any attention to you. Otherwise you would have known that one doesn’t need to repeat the same idea twice! C’mmon it’s not like you’re speaking in front of a noisy hall,  written words can be “reread”! It’s not like Harry Potter’s magical scroll!

“In this video the creator says that his goal is to make robots indistinguishable from humans.”

Again…. computers are not bought for their looks! Customers buy them for their usefulness.

“It got me thinking about sex robots and artificial intelligence.”

You’re not very bright are you?

Brain between your crotch doesn’t do thinking. It’s the one attached to your head.

Considering how stupid you are I bet putz like you was born without one.

Rest of the comment are gibberish…. So, let’s see how papa response to him.

“Well Ryan”

Don’t worry papa I already called him you are not willing to called fools.

“thanks for your donation and topic.”

Oh, I see fool is sending you money, you wanna keep it coming…

“I think before we ever have to worry about an artificial intelligence powerful enough to kill off humans we will have more simple androids that we will use for the purposes of sex.”

Really Sandman? We should deplete our finite resources, and destroy this planet just so you can have a metal shape female to give a blowjob?

Are you really this self centred?

“If you don’t believe me than watch the film Ex-Machina where the creator has a Kioko love bot that doesn’t talk and loves to please it’s master.”

Spoiler Alert..

That is a horrible movie to promote sex machine.

Here is ending of the movie:

“With help from Kyoko, Ava kills Nathan, but in the process Nathan destroys Kyoko and damages Ava. Ava repairs herself with parts from earlier androids, using their artificial skin to take on the full appearance of a human woman. She leaves Caleb trapped inside the facility, ignoring his screams, and escapes to the outside world in the helicopter meant to take Caleb home.”

I guess you were too busy sharpening your pencil (not a reference to masturbation!) I bet you never understood the ending of the movie. Sex robot killed her human master!