Sandman Debunked #1169:Don’t Be a Cuck – MGTOW

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Look the amazing amount of grammatical + spelling error by Sandman and fool who sent him the story.

“Hello Sandman, I found a video called The Truth About Larken Rose on YouTube and I’m sharing the link with you. This happened a few months back, I want you to review it. Give me and your audience your analysis on the female behavior. It’s about this Amanda Rachwitz girl. She’s a famous libertarian chick on Facebook (celebritarian).”

No, she is not!

“Her husband discovered her cheating with another celebritarian “Larken Rose” – he has written a few books and is a celebrated orator within the libertarian community. Her husband’s story is the video more or less.”

No info is available about her on any website. Only website there is is one created by her, and her own face book!

No major celebrity site has her profile…

No wiki page!

She ain’t popular!

“Now I have my suspicion that they are attending the same event in Mexico in mid February called Anarchopulco hosted by another celebritarian “Jeff Berwick”. Amanda has in the past asked the libertarian community to donate money to her travels in the past prior to her cheating scandal discovery. Now the both of them are meeting again in mexico and I can’t help but think this more of the same cheating shit, but this time around she’s selling t-shirts vs begging for donations (the donations thing was suspect because she was married at the time and living in a million dollar house with her ex-hubby). Also before she married this catch of a guy she was a single mom. Thanks Sandman.”

You are an idiot

“Well Mr. Anonymous thanks for your donation and topic request. So Amanda’s husband Tom catches her cheating by finding penis pics and a sexual conversation on her phone. She was having a two year affair he knew nothing about. But while she was boning Larken she stayed with the husband because he has money. She never wanted to be found out and I’m sure she would still be having the affair today if her dirty little secret had never come out.”

Hey papa the whole story is fake!

“She was hiding there in plain sight on her phone and he found out about her affair by accident. According to Amanda Larken was going to kill himself but Amanda counselled him and fell in love with him. They had long intimate conversations and an emotional affair first leading to a real one later. She fell in love with him after a phone relationship. Larken seduced her with what sounds like new age bullshit. She drempt she was a dragon in heaven and still uses this metaphor in her talks about being a dragon.”

Kindly provide some reference to backup you claim!

Again she is nobody!

“I say demon but she says dragon. Not much difference if you ask men. Women believe in weird fairy tales and astrological beliefs. So when her husband Tom questioned her about the affair she said that she grew a second heart inside of her. Everyone knows this is bullshit because women can’t love men the way that we love women. If she had said she had grown a second vagina that would be more believable. But Love is not selfish and women are so they can’t love. She said she never changed how she felt about him and wanted to stay with him while boning Larken. Actually I think she never changed how she felt about his money and her lifestyle and not him per se.”

If it does not make sense than it is not true.

Whole store is fake!

“He finds out she’s cheating but he tries to console her and restore what they had. What a cuck move. He should have just kicked her out on the spot. So she was cheating on Tom with a so called Alpha guy, Larken with status and charisma and Tom was the wealthy man that was her beta provider so she could be a dragon that she is. She wanted it all the rich guy to support her and charismatic alpha brute to have sport sex with.”

Is this what it comes to. Wasting time on fake stories?

SANDMAN DEBUNKED #1166: She Loves Money | Not!


dylanmcdermottshivarose6thannualsagud0t7ntzt0ylHi everyone, today’s  response is brought to you by P. T. Barnum Followers.

Short answer to title of the video is simple

Not all women go after money. Look at Shiva Rose. She married to actor Dylan McDermott in 1995, and their marriage dissolve in 2007. They were both residence of California. After ten years marriage she was qualified to life-time alimony. Yet she did not sue him, did not take him to court, nor she asked for life-time alimony.

The best part of their post marriage is for their kids. They did not fought for custody. They have joint custody, and he does not need permission to see his daughters.


“Hi Sandman, I am basically a TFL guy. Most women who’ve met me are not interested. I have to quickly brag a bit about myself in order to give you an idea about what women are turning their nose up at.”

Please do!

“I am slightly overweight, but somewhat fit.”

You’re in denial. If you have to admit you are fat, and than defend you fatness. Than you’re verrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrry fat

“I am able to go on a 10 km hike, ride a bike up a steep hill, and I can run a few Km. I don’t do any drugs or have any addictions. I’m fairly nice, caring, supportive.. overall a pretty decent guy.”

10km ride…  comes to be about an hours bike one way — that’s about two hours.

Also you like walking few km… Say two hours back and forth.

You are ashamed to admit you are “overweight” = “very fat”.

However, no information about job, education, career.

Another word you have no job, and no career.

Dare I say. You also I have no education?


“About half the women who reject me and talk to me tell me that I am a fantastic guy but that I’ll make some other woman happy.”

Where about are you meeting these ladies?

Any average man with decent job, or career can find a wife. Perhaps not a good wife, or women to be with forever, but nonetheless a decent person.

“The other half generally use deflection tactics, like not replying to messages or delaying replies to frustrate my attempts letting me know they aren’t interested. Stranger still many put me in the friend zone and are contacts on social media.”

Oh I see you are one of these guys who sit home like an idiot waiting for some girl to click on your picture on tinder…

Pretty sad really.

“I later see the sort of men they date, and often they are guys with money.”

Women date guys with money — because these guys have successful career, like doctor, engineer. Hell, they will even marry a guy who has union job with 50k a year.

What’s wrong with that?

Would you marry a woman who is fat, ugly, doesn’t have a job, can’t cook, and sit home all day?

“Their Facebook feeds feature buying big expensive houses worth a half million bucks, expensive cars worth tens of thousands, trips to exotic locations overseas, cruise ships, expensive weddings…etc…etc.”

By the Sandman tell everyone to guy shinny new thing so eye catchy material (like you mention above) will get girl into your bed.

“During these single years I have been in a Red Pill Rage, watching MGTOW, paying off debts left behind from past women, and really getting my financial house in order.”

Did you admit ladies don’t find any attractive?

Second it was the ladies who forced you to go into financial debt. You did that to yourself!

“I can say that I am debt free now, but you could say I have a net worth of zero.”

Another word you live in your mom’s basement.

I have a few interviews lined up for significantly higher paying work, and my future could be quite good financially in the next few years.

“I have no children by some miracle, no payments to make to ex wives, I am totally at a net zero for debts.”

It’s not a miracle. It’s obvious. No sane woman would want to have a child with a fat guy with no job, and no future saving. If you could not save penny for yourself, how are you going to do it for your own kids’ future expense, not to mention university level education!

“So, finally my question. I suspect that suddenly all these women who’ve rejected me, and some who might enter my life out of the clear blue, will smell the money and will try to get it through developing a relationship with me.”

Above statements were your brief and pathetic biography.

Once you get money — that you are able to pry yourself out bed, and walk into the mall job burger flipping job, you don’t need to worry about women voluntarily showing you their naked body.

“What should I do to prepare mentally in advance of the gold digger rush I am sure to experience?”

First step is dating. That’s when you look for all the red flags…

You would have known that if you have ever dated a women.

“What sort of advice would you offer a guy like myself who is older and starting a later in life comeback?”

Did you finally get approval for disability and you’re getting $500 check for the government?

“I know in the back of my mind that I only have 20 years or so left to make a retirement nest egg. One more relationship with a gold digger could cost me my future welfare. What do you think Sandman??”

20 years to make retirement hmmm.

Traditionally, the full benefit age is 65.

So 65-20 = 44.

So you are around 44 years old.

A 44 years old man is asking another loser on the internet of his future planning.

Hey Sandman, are you sure you are not talking about yourself?

Story pretty describe you. You live in a tiny place with no shower, and your life saving consist of three monitors, and a clunky old car that has more kilometer than Streek running on Queen’s Street!

“Well Mr. Anonymous thanks for the donation and topic. A few years ago there was a woman and I asked her out and she was only interested in being friends.”

Damn sadman since when you start writing about your life!

Above story is pretty you. You are also chubby. Remember your video when you showed you hand? You looked kinda chubby.

Another of your video with MRA meeting we see your reflection, you look like a momma  boys.

Did you eat the entire pizza that day because you moma belittle your opinion again?

PS: Don’t worry I have all of them saved in my hard drive, and few volunteer all over world keeping it safe as well.

“A few years later she saw that I had a new tablet, cameras and was looking for a host my travelling channel and suddenly her tune changed. She invited me over and cleared the house of her then three room mates, offered me lunch and played soft electronic music to get me to relax.”

Yeah…. You made up the whole story papa

“She wanted me to make a move on her. But she rejected me before and now suddenly I was worthy of her because I guess my marketplace value had risen because of my financial success?”

Next time don’t find them on craiglist.

“As a result of seeing this I rejected her staged approach and didn’t want to date her. The moment had passed and I could see exactly what she was doing and that was enough to get me not to approach her.”

Assuming this story is true. You did not reject her, because you went to her house. Rejection in this case means she did not want to have sex with you.

You and the goof who sent you the story are wrong there are women who don’t go after men’s money at all — see Shiva Rose store.



Sandman Debunked #1161: Pickup Artist Fraud – MGTOW


Hi everyone, Today’s response is brought to you by P. T. Barnum followers.

Papa Sandman he whines about “Pickup Artist Fraud”

One again papa fail to see his moral reflection on a mirror. Why go after PUA?

Let’s see they live in a nice bachelor apartment.

Papa Sandman does not even have a shower in his office/apartment!

His entire residence is a contraceptive dwelling preventing any lady to give a him a decent time of the day.

Make so wonder if Sandman ever got laid. Doesn’t he sound like a frustrated man who never saw a naked woman in real life. How many men do you know have that robotic voice devoid of emotion and feeling?

Even Spock (from Star Trek TOS) got laid with Uhura. Compare to Papa every vulcan is PUA and oozing  with success.

The thing about human being is that we all come from different background, culture, and religion, and the alchemy of it what really create something vibrant and new.  This is why people who hatred anyone with different background and culture are suffering from inferiority complex, and their jealousy is like a pressure cooker, and we can clearly see Sandman hatred against successful men is manifesting in videos.

This is why I am debunking every one of his videos.

Have a great day.

Sandman Debunked #1160: Why Bother With Women? – MGTOW



Hi everyone, Today’s response is brought to you by P. T. Barnum followers.

Papa Sandman answer a question “Why Bother with women?”

Oh my! Talk about pot calling the kettle black. Here is Sandman complaining about women in every one of his video (this one number 1160).

Just think about it!

Here, let me give you a visual.


Let me type that number in letters “one thousand nine hundred and eighty”.  Let’s go little further.

These are the list of pictures he uploaded on his video, and all of his “1160” videos have around same number of pictures.


Let’s Do Arithmetic

1160 multiply by 8 = 9280

Vast majority of the pictures are of girls. That is over nine hundred and eighty pictures. That’s a literal definition of a troll. This probably doesn’t even count the innumerable pictures he download & shifted through to make them part of his “daily dose” of insanity.

He should go back to drinking tea and sniffing crumpets.

Sandman Debunked #1159: No Closure – MGTOW


Papa Sandman answer a question for someone who let his relationship interfere with his personal life, as a result he lost his job flipping burgers, and picking dead rats behind the fry machine.

Here is the missive in brevity:

” As I got on top of her she clenched her legs behind me indicating she wanted to go deep in her, but my spidey senses started tingling, if she was old school and a virigin, she wouldn’t have been so openly inviting me in to go balls deep. So, I stepped back and just laid there because for all I knew she was trying to suck me in and possibly give me something I can’t get rid of.”

Let’s look at the few things.

This guys has a room temperature IQ. Here he tells us that she was “virgin”.

If he can not tell the difference between virgin girl, and non-virgin in bed. Than he is too stupid for his own good.

Also; how do you “stepped back and just laid there?

Sex with human female is a physical activity. Even when a girl is on top of you.

The whole story is a made up by someone who never had a sex with women before.

Last sentence of the paragraph; “something I can’t get rid of”?

Aren’t you suppose to be using condom to avoid unwanted pregnancy.

“The next morning, I turned over and she grabbed her ticket and folded it, but in a sneaky type of way as if she was thinking “okay, i let you stay the night, time to pay up”.

There is something seriously wrong with this guy. Assuming he did have a sex with a human female. Poor lady was probably thinking. What hack I ended up with.

“Being the dumbass I was, I went and got the money. The very next day, I got fired from work and I told her just after we had agreed that I was going to take her to lunch. “

I agree with him, he is a professional nincompoop (probably he also looks like last four letter of the word).

The structure of the sentence is completely incoherent.

How does firing and eating dinner are  even related? Writer sounds like he never learn how to write an essay.

I don’t believe in making fun of anyone with broken English. However, ignorance need to be expose. This is guys is an idiot.

She acted shocked and told me “Yeah you don’t need to waste your time coming up here” and after that we got into a texting arguing that lasted 6 hours….”

Oooooh okay….. Unless, she looks like a moose,  this entire story is made up. No one argue for six hours by typing. Not gonna happen.

But, let’s look further into what he is saying. The girls tells him (don’t waste your time).

No most girl will state (don’t waste my time). Ladies don’t spend hours doing makeup just to be considerate towards men. There’s a reason we have saying be a gentleman.

Even “if” she blurted out something like writer claims, why would she spent any time with him arguing? Why? Most girls can get new guy just by walking into the mall, or by smiling on a poindexter at the library.

And how many people do you know in your life who argue for six hours — let’s alone argue for six hours by typing?

Sandman Debunked #1158: Red Pill Void – MGTOW


Hi everyone, Today’s response is brought to you by P. T. Barnum followers.

“Hey Sandman, My topic request is about red pill rage and the void that comes right after it. I took my first dose of red pill a few months ago after I saw how women, who we are taught in life are our equals, are actually “more” equal than we are. I noticed the preferred treatment women get over men since I was a boy but didn’t understand why this was the case.”

I seriously doubt you understand it even now.

Do you know the correlation between “preferred treatment” and “success”.

Professor tend to favor students who do better in class, they do want everyone to be successful. However, students with top marks generally get extra hours for lab, and free printed copies of the notes.

This is a symbiotic relationship between professors and students. Both benefit from each other success.

Professor with the best students can easily get a tenure (professor’s permanent job contract), therefore they are willing to push the students in right direction.

Top student also attract corporation to open R&D research lab in university.

As you can see his statement is very vague. Equal in what, and how? More detail information would have help.

He sounds  like a hillbilly jealous of women’s success.

According the survey, more women are graduating from school than men. But wait let me proof my statement with facts.

Women Getting More Degrees Than Men – New York Magazine

Ahun…  but that is just one news paper, from a trendy liberals state of America!

How about time — very friend towards Trump, and most of writer are even Pro-Trump

Women Are Now More Likely to Have College Degree Than Men

You say; well media conservatives & democrats are pro-female.


How about census? An actual date collected by National Center for Education Statistics from all over USA?

As you can see guys whole story look bit kooky. No fact, just some general observation and no understanding of mgtow philosophy.

“What baffled me was when these same women would defend another woman over a man even though they claimed they are anti-feminist. It’s a great example of how Orwell would put it “double-think”.

That’s  not what double think means. Double refer to the acceptance of or mental capacity to accept contrary opinions or beliefs at the same time, especially as a result of political indoctrination.

When women defend their sex. It is called gender bias. It’s same with whites in America who talk about non-white immigration in Sweden & Germany.

Why do they care? Because they want “white/western nations” to remain pure white. At the same time they become angry when reminded that their ancestors  immigrated to North America/Australia/New Zealand. Not to mention took the land by force from native population, and killed them.

Yet peaceful immigration by non-white all over Europe is feared by these conservatives/traditionalist.

“Orwell’s book “1984”, talked about how brain-dead females are always loyal to the socialist dictating party that got me thinking about this. ”

You never read any of the book!

  • Julia was working against the party, and later join Winston to destroy them. In fact she spark the idea in Winston that so called war with Asia was probably fake!
  • Winston (the main character in 1984) had a relationship with Julia. In fact they both took great risk to be in relationship.
  • The Book itself was not about bashing “socialist” because George Orwell himself was Socialist!
  • Also George Orwell was traditionalist. He was married twice. His first wife was Eillen Blair & Sonia Orwell.
  • When Orwell found out that he could not have kids, he adopted one. He wanted a traditionalist family. His life reflected that.

“Literature like the bible, Plato’s republic, the odyssey by Homer, Great Expectations by Dickens, and so much others saw women for what they are. It’s not a secret. It’s hidden in plain sight.”

Oh my… I love when uneducated people try to impress you by naming big names, and literature they never read.

Let start with Bible:

  • Bible is a traditionalist book; women are to be protect. The great example is Jesus own mother. That’s why you see his mother picture all over catholic churches.
  • Even the Torah reflect that. Mother of Mosses was love for saving the life of son, and willing to give up for greater good.
  • Hello, even Quran’s chapter about women is the biggest chapter by far.

Plato’s Republic:

Entire work is divided into 10 books. See the link.

I must admit I hated classic literature I had read these boring books when I studying in University. However, thanks to almighty google I will give a brief summary of his work. Entire book is about justice, equality between men & women, and end of slavery.

Here is a good summary of his work from wiki (book is free so you guy can download it, or even listen to it on YouTube).

“The paradigmatic society which stands behind every historical society is hierarchical, but social classes have a marginal permeability; there are no slaves, no discrimination between men and women. The men and women are both to be taught the same things, so they are both able to be used for the same things (451e).”


Odyssey is a poem by Homer. Poem is about many things, however, nothing about hating women what’s so ever.

In fact the character Odysseus meets soul of his own mother, and other popular spirits male and female.

In fact let small quotation from wiki (above link to see the entire summary), also this book is free for anyone to download & listen over YouTube!

“Next Odysseus met the spirit of his own mother, who had died of grief during his long absence. From her, he got his first news of his own household, threatened by the greed of the Suitors. Finally, he met the spirits of famous men and women. Notably, he encountered the spirit of Agamemnon, of whose murder he now learned, and Achilles, who told him about the woes of the land of the dead (for Odysseus’ encounter with the dead, see also Nekuia).”

Great Expectations

It is funny that Papa Sandman did caught on to the last novel. I mean entire novel has a sad ending. However, two character did have a happy ending.

Biddy & Joe ended up getting married, and have two kids. How does this even relate to anything we MGTOW talk about is beyond me.

If you wanna pretend to be smart and well read at least do some research! Both the questionnaire & commentator could have verifiy the information by goolging it.

Those of us who study in University & even school know about Sparks Notes. A google glance over their site would have given all the info anyone need.

But hey if the questionnaire was smart he would have graduated from college.

His pathetic attempt to get a validation from Sandman clearly display the inferiority complex writer is suffering from.

Again I am not someone who bash people for lack of their education. My mom only did high school, and my father quit his college after having three kids. However, they made sure all of their kids have better education, and safer environment. I am very grateful for their sacrifice, and devotion.

Everything I am is because of them.

However when someone try to mask their ignorance with great literati figures. We gotta expose these humbugs so other can avoid them.

Sandman Debunked #1,157: Angelina Jolie Loses Kids – MGTOW


Let’s start off with the title itself!

Nothing to do with MGTOW!

So an added word “MGTOW” is just to get maximum amount of search result from MGTOW community. His daily bread and butter.

Typical Tradcon, takecover a community to whine about feminism.

Easily debunked!

Many of you may say. Well, doesn’t his video proof marriage is bad for men.

No, his video is about child custody. Again people in media do not live like normal people. Their lifestyle is an artificial creation to get maximum amount of public attention.

Also, media celebrities tend to over exaggerate their “family crisis” to get the maximum amount of publicity.

Every celebrity is an attention whore, they may not be as expressive as Kim Kardashian. This s how they get better movies/tv contract. After all, this is their daily bread and butter.

Another obvious example is Sandman himself; pushing everything from kitchen knife to a dirty soaks to get everyone attention.

You know we (men) tend to blame women for wasting their time watching tv shows, reading tabloid, and even writing about media figures.

Well what do you call him?

Is he going through masculine version of menopause?

Now to the story itself…

Papa Sandman tell us that she is losing weight at a dangerous level, and therefore she will never get custody of the kids.

First off; she is not:

Let’s look at the current picture of Angelina Jolie (March 2, 2017)

Angelina Jolie’s Stunning New Fragrance Campaign: Everything We Know!


Unlike him, I have given you proof with factual evidence with media links so you can see for yourself.

His video was posted on March 3, 2017, and without any proof to substantiate his allegations.

You can also see in above screen-shoot the words I typed to search & debunked his traditionalist conservatives lies. Remember, I live in Australia, however, the result I am getting from Google are comparable to any who live US, or Canada (Sandman native country).

Now let’s look at her relationship with her kids:

Again: Following news is the latest news about her, and the kids (natural & adopted kids February 18, 2017).

Unlike his bizarre hash and rehash of divorce women love cat. I got you an information just week and half old. This is a latest picture of her & the kids.

Angelina Jolie Brings Her and Brad Pitt’s Kids to Her First Public Appearance Since Divorce Filing


Another word she is perfectly happy. Also, her relationship with kids is quite stable unlike the false claim made by papa Sandman.

By the I am not fan of Angela & any actor, or actress for that matter.

I believe in a tried and true method of honesty is a best policy. You can not defeat your adversary with lies, and manipulation. This will only transform them into a martyr.

This is why you can Feminist movement has been so successful for past 100 years. Unlike conservatives demanding women’s get back into kitchen, they are running around blame everyone under the sun.


Papa Sandman posted his video few hours ago, and it took me only 30 minute to debunk it.

This is not boost my ability, but to show you guys that his lies are so transparent that anyone with few minutes see what a dishonest person he is.

Stay tune, and stay free.