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Oh baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nobody sending him any questions, or donation! Now Mr. Fake is resorting to stealing questions from website and pretending he is somebody.

He stole the entire story from Myth of the Alpha Male!

By the way don’t bother deleting it from your account. I got your entire video, store on multiple place. Everyone knows who you are!

Here is the original story written by MR TV

One of the most pervasive concepts(myths) of MGTOW and other men’s right’s movements, as well as PUA literature is the concept of the “alpha male”. According to PUA literature, the “alpha gets the pussy, the beta has to go home and play with himself”. I’ve seen MGTOW people complaining that the “alpha’s” get all the chicks, while “beta’s” are left out of the process. God, how I wish it were true! I excel at everything I do, a lot of people say I’m the best in my field, yet here in LA, I’m constantly getting dumped in favor of losers, bums, and hoodlums. Another concept I’ve read in PUA literature is the concept of DHV, “demonstration of higher value”. This is another concept I would have to question the validity of.

I first got out here to LA in the late ’90’s and started a career as a street performer on Venice Beach. I met a chick on the beach one day who seemed to be attracted to me. We began talking about literature and I mention Weed one of the books I had written.(I’ve written 4 books for Simon and Schuster). She gasped in amazement when I told her my name and the names of the books I had written. Her jaw was practically hanging down to the sidewalk in amazement. Apparently, she had some of my books and was a fan. We had dinner together and I felt like I had met someone, which was nice–I was lonely. I saw her the next day and she shrugged me off–she never got together with me again. A few weeks later I saw on the 3rd Street Promenade talking to a girlfriend.

“What happened to your boyfriend?” the girlfriend asked.
“He’s in jail,” she replied.
“For what,” the girlfriend asked.
“Heroin, it was stupid!”, she replied.

Of course nothing SCREAMS alpha male like being a heroin addict in jail, and for that matter, what could be more “beta” than being a famous writer and writing for Simon and Schuster? And I can only assume that being a heroin addict is a demonstration of higher value, while being a famous writer is not.

I remember meeting another chick on Venice Beach who performed as a clown out there, who called herself “Rainbow”. She seemed to be attracted to me and we had some drinks together. Before I left the bar she put her arms around me and whispered in my ear, “You’ve got the best act on Venice Beach!”, in a breathy, sexy voice. About a week later I called her and asked her to meet me on the beach. When I got there, I realized she had stood me up. I called her number, but no answer. Another time I called her and she hung up on me when I identified myself. A few years later, I saw her on the beach and she was dating some homeless drug dealer. I’m sorry that having “the best act on Venice Beach” is a quality of an “alpha” male and the really cool people are homeless drug dealer.

I met another chick at a poetry reading at a coffee shop and she said she thought I was a “genius”. I got her phone number and we made a date, but she stood me up. When I went back out to the boardwalk I noticed that all the guys with cardboard signs that said things like “Why Lie, I Need a Beer”, all had girlfriends. I wish being a “genius”, doesn’t qualify me as an “alpha” male, if I was one of the alcoholics with a cardboard sign, I guess I would have a girlfriend.

This type of behavior continued all the years I worked as a street performer in California. I kept getting better and better at what I was doing and making more and more money, and yet kept getting dumped in favor of homeless guys who didn’t have a dime to their names. After working as a street performer for 10 years, I developed an act called, “The Bank Robbery”. People started saying I had the best act in the country. “You’re the best”, “You’re a genius!”, and “Greatest Act Ever” were some of the comments I heard on a regular basis. The “G” word (genius) is a compliment I’ve gotten so often I’ve gotten used to it. In every city I performed in the newspapers did a story about me, in Santa Cruz 2 local TV stations did pieces on me, and the San Francisco Chronicle had an interview and a full color picture of me doing my act. (A lot of other artists were jealous.) On just about every strip I worked I was the superstar, the highest earner on the strip. Yet, I still ran into the same strange behavior, the women I met stood me up, and the guys who had girlfriends were homeless guys, addicts, and alcoholics. Does anyone understand why this is? I saw a men’s right’s video recently that said that women objectify men as “providers” and are attracted to men who are high earners. What a joke that is!! If That’s true, why am I the one who’s always single and the guys who don’t have 2 cents to their name have beautiful girlfriends?
Finally, more and more people were saying that I had the best act in the country and that I should “go Hollywood”, so I auditioned for and was accepted by “America’s Got Talent”, the #1 show in the country on NBC. I was blown away to appear on “America’s Got Talent”, the #1 show in the country, but again, no date! I had met a chick on Facebook named Amanda and asked her to go with me, but she never showed up. After we taped “America’s Got Talent”, I went back to Venice Beach and there was a guy with a cardboard sign that said, “Kick me in the Nuts for a Dollar”. I asked him about it and he said, “I have to do something, my wife is going to have a baby!” Of course, nothing SCREAMS alpha like having a cardboard sign that says “Kick me in the nuts for a dollar”, and what could be more “beta” than appearing on NBC’s “America’s Got Talent” and hanging out with people like Nick Cannon and Howie Mandell?

The same was true when they aired my segment of “America’s Got Talent” on NBC a few months later. I tried to get a chick named Indigo to come over and watch it with me, but she refused. I met another chick on the beach named “Jaqueline” and she saw me doing the “Bank Robbery” and said she thought I was “going to be huge!”, but she was not interested in coming over and watching America’s Got Talent with me. Around this time I was hanging out with a guy named “Animal”, his real name was Andy, but people called him Animal. He was homeless and I agreed to let him and his girlfriend stay at my place for a few nights. Animal was an all right guy, but sometimes I was embarrassed to hang out with him. He was a cigarette bum. Anyone who was smoking a cigarette, he’d go up to them and he was like, “Can you kick me down a cigarette?” He also bummed food from people, beers, weed, anything and everything. I wondered why someone like that, who slept in a doorway and was basically a bum, would have a beautiful, young girlfriend, while I had just been on America’s Got Talent and had been unable to find a date. Is everyone out here in California crazy or what?

A few months later I appeared on another TV show, “Freakshow” on AMC. I had pitched the producer and he waited several months and then finally said “yes”, he wanted to have me on. I was walking on air, to be selected for another national TV show. I had met a chick at a party named Sasha. I emailed her and told her I was excited that I was going to be on national television again and wanted to know if she wanted to have dinner with me to celebrate. I saw her later and she said, “I never got back you on the email, I’ll get back to you next week.” But she never did. I asked Amanda (the chick I met on Facebook) if she would come over and watch it with me when it was broadcast. She never showed up, but called at 4:00 am and told me she hoped it went well. (Like I said, everyone out here is crazy!) I was seeing a chick named “Sublime” and I asked her to come over and watch it with me. She watched at her place, but refused to come over and watch it with me. So, I watched it BY MYSELF, just like I watched myself on AMERICA’S GOT TALENT BY MYSELF!!

I started performing in comedy clubs in LA in 2010. I found the same strange behavior there also. I started doing my street act, “The Bank Robbery” at open mics and in comedy clubs. The first night I did “Bank Robbery” in a comedy club, the next comedian stopped the show. “I have to say something about that last act”, he began, “THAT WAS FANTASTIC!” The other comedians began stopping the show EVERY NIGHT to comment on my act. “I,…uh,….don’t know how to follow that last guy was a comment I was getting a lot. However, whenever I met a chick, the same thing kept occurring, they either stood me up or didn’t return my emails. I also continued seeing chicks dating alcoholics and losers. One night I was performing in a comedy club called “Sal’s Comedy Hole” and the comedian was walking through the audience talking to people and asking them questions. “My girlfriend and I are living in my car!” answered one guy. I looked and saw that he was sitting next to a beautiful blond in her early ’20’s.

Another erroneous concept I’ve seen several times on the internet is the concept of “sexual marketplace value”. Supposedly, your sexual market place value is connected to your status. Am I to assume that a cigarette bum is high status, while being on America’s Got Talent is not. Yet this concept, like the TOTALLY ERRONEOUS concept of the “alpha male” is never challenged on the internet. Except for the article I’m presently writing I’ve never seen these concepts challenged. I should add that I’ve never experienced this phenomenon anywhere else but kooky California. I was in New Orleans a few years ago and chicks were lining up to date me when they saw me doing the “Bank Robbery”.
Does anyone have an explanation for this strange behavior? Does anyone else have the experience of constantly excelling at everything you do and getting dumped in favor of losers and hoodlums? Can anyone help me understand what I call, “The Myth of the Alpha Male”?


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