Sandman Debunked #1170:Flying Human Tampons – MGTOW

Hi everyone, today’s  response is brought to you by P. T. Barnum Followers.

Imagine how stupid a guy has to be that Papa would  contemptuously call him a flying human tampon!

This is a very long and a stupid story! Sandman talk read a story a fool who decided to date girls who are complete losers.

This guy always date girls who are willing to give a time of the day with is money.

As usual he is never happy, now he join our MGTOW community is bring his misery to dampen our lives with his foolishness.

And naturally Papa Sandman is also a fool wasting his time and ours to give a such a dumb story in the first place.

Here is a copy of the original story!

Hi Sandman I was in a relationship off and on through Highschool and shortly thereafter with my then future ex wife. She graduated from Highschool and joined the military. I hurt my ankle in a football camp the summer going into my senior year of Highschool. I could hardly compete in either football or track and field. I lost my scholarship offers and since then my family was not very well to do, we couldn’t afford to pay for my schooling. I wanted to go to school to become a lawyer. I was a typical beta male and I wrote her everyday while she was in boot camp. I saved and borrowed what I needed to make a flight down to Texas to see her
graduate. She was very happy to see me and we had a great time. Not even a week after I leave and she starts additional training, she cheats on me and breaks up. After a few weeks appart she asked me to take her back and said we could move to Denver Colorado which was where she was getting stationed at. Then the first week she was down there she is already cheating on me. I packed and left like a fool. I nursed a broken heart that plagued me for a year. I tried to fill the void with pump and dumps but I was just numb. We reconnected when she visited from Denver for the holidays. Me being a complete fool, decided to move to Colorado on her behest. We moved in together because she wanted to complete her training so she could get out of the military with benefits for college. Our time there was good but I wasn’t happy. She rarely cared for my affections. She felt like I wasn’t a man because I didn’t have a real job. I worked full and lots of overtime. But my pay didn’t compare to her high paying with benefits, active duty military job. I gave her almost all my money to help pay for bills. But that wasn’t giving her the lifestyle she wanted. She told me to get another job and didn’t care if she saw me. She rarely showed me affection unless she was drunk. She didn’t like that I enjoyed being out with my friends and worked out regularly. I did all the house work to make up for what I thought was a lack of providing for her. She had me trained and I didn’t even know it. Sex was like laying with a dead fish. She just didn’t care for me. It was obvious from cold attitude whenever we were done. She just never treated me like a
partner. I tried so hard in every way. Nothing mattered to her and I couldn’t see it. I thought of leaving many times, but felt like a failure if I did. I let fear keep me trapped and unhappy. It got to the point that as long as she was happy, then I was happy. Even though I was unhappy inside, at least I felt like I was doing what was expected of me. She eventually finished her job with the military and we moved back to Montana to go to College together. I worked two full time jobs and took 5 classes each semester. I kept my grades up and the bills paid. She kept being increasingly upset about all of her friends being further along in life with their careers, marriage, families and goals.


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