Sandman Debunked #1169:Don’t Be a Cuck – MGTOW

Hi everyone, today’s  response is brought to you by P. T. Barnum Followers.

Look the amazing amount of grammatical + spelling error by Sandman and fool who sent him the story.

“Hello Sandman, I found a video called The Truth About Larken Rose on YouTube and I’m sharing the link with you. This happened a few months back, I want you to review it. Give me and your audience your analysis on the female behavior. It’s about this Amanda Rachwitz girl. She’s a famous libertarian chick on Facebook (celebritarian).”

No, she is not!

“Her husband discovered her cheating with another celebritarian “Larken Rose” – he has written a few books and is a celebrated orator within the libertarian community. Her husband’s story is the video more or less.”

No info is available about her on any website. Only website there is is one created by her, and her own face book!

No major celebrity site has her profile…

No wiki page!

She ain’t popular!

“Now I have my suspicion that they are attending the same event in Mexico in mid February called Anarchopulco hosted by another celebritarian “Jeff Berwick”. Amanda has in the past asked the libertarian community to donate money to her travels in the past prior to her cheating scandal discovery. Now the both of them are meeting again in mexico and I can’t help but think this more of the same cheating shit, but this time around she’s selling t-shirts vs begging for donations (the donations thing was suspect because she was married at the time and living in a million dollar house with her ex-hubby). Also before she married this catch of a guy she was a single mom. Thanks Sandman.”

You are an idiot

“Well Mr. Anonymous thanks for your donation and topic request. So Amanda’s husband Tom catches her cheating by finding penis pics and a sexual conversation on her phone. She was having a two year affair he knew nothing about. But while she was boning Larken she stayed with the husband because he has money. She never wanted to be found out and I’m sure she would still be having the affair today if her dirty little secret had never come out.”

Hey papa the whole story is fake!

“She was hiding there in plain sight on her phone and he found out about her affair by accident. According to Amanda Larken was going to kill himself but Amanda counselled him and fell in love with him. They had long intimate conversations and an emotional affair first leading to a real one later. She fell in love with him after a phone relationship. Larken seduced her with what sounds like new age bullshit. She drempt she was a dragon in heaven and still uses this metaphor in her talks about being a dragon.”

Kindly provide some reference to backup you claim!

Again she is nobody!

“I say demon but she says dragon. Not much difference if you ask men. Women believe in weird fairy tales and astrological beliefs. So when her husband Tom questioned her about the affair she said that she grew a second heart inside of her. Everyone knows this is bullshit because women can’t love men the way that we love women. If she had said she had grown a second vagina that would be more believable. But Love is not selfish and women are so they can’t love. She said she never changed how she felt about him and wanted to stay with him while boning Larken. Actually I think she never changed how she felt about his money and her lifestyle and not him per se.”

If it does not make sense than it is not true.

Whole store is fake!

“He finds out she’s cheating but he tries to console her and restore what they had. What a cuck move. He should have just kicked her out on the spot. So she was cheating on Tom with a so called Alpha guy, Larken with status and charisma and Tom was the wealthy man that was her beta provider so she could be a dragon that she is. She wanted it all the rich guy to support her and charismatic alpha brute to have sport sex with.”

Is this what it comes to. Wasting time on fake stories?


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