Sandman Debunked #1168: Liberation Bot Project – MGTOW


Hi everyone, today’s  response is brought to you by P. T. Barnum Followers.

Finally, Sandman admits that his entire gripe with feminist is due to his sexual dysfunction. His has been fetishizing for a house wife, almost like a slave as result he can not get erection.

Also Sandman admits that he is using MGTOW to make money. He does not want to help men securing equal rights, his ultimate goal is to make as much money out of men using outlandish idea possible.

Also in a roundabout way he admits he is suffering from sexual dysfunction because he does not have a woman chained up to a radiator.

I gonna make slight change to the way I have been debunking Sandman.

I will only quote the question asked by Sandman. So called questions he gets are pretty much made up by him — and then there is always a personal bio. How many times do you wanna hear personal gripe of someone living in their mother’s basement?

Links to the original video still provided below. I don’t want to advertise his crap anymore.

“Hi Sandman, I would like to hear more about your liberation bot project. I and a Friend who is a biomedical engineer have been discussing the prospects of doing research in this area and maybe building a company. If you get a chance drop me a line.”

I am glade to see Sandman letting us see all the gay men sending him the line…

“Well David thanks for the donation and topic request. As you see I’ve choosen to make a video response so everyone can enjoy and think about what I’m working on.”

Gather around him Papa is going to show you his invention!

“When I first sat down and thought about building a sex robot I thought about building something that resembles a real doll but has motors inside to keep the skin warm as well as a speaker inside to mimic a heart and possibly even a pair of artificial lungs.”

This is why you went to art school rather engineer school.

“That way I wouldn’t be selling a sex or liberation bot but instead would market it as a hugging companion doll for retirement residences and as a sleeping aid to make people like they are sleeping next to someone in their bed at night.”

It’s like Japanese person with no knowledge of Italian making an Italian dictionary.

  • When was the last time you were hugged?
  • Other than your own mom who cooked and clean your place.
  • Any girl got you a present for your birthday?


“The idea was to target the emotional component.”

Thanks for admitting that you are manipulating  everyone here.

“That way I wouldn’t be criticized by social justice warriors and considering the fact that the majority of people in nursing homes are women I would use the excuse that it helps women with loneliness to make target it to nursing homes and care facilities to calm the patients.”

You are an idiot!

“I saw what happened with the power of touch when nursing homes would bring in therapy dogs that the inmates in nursing homes could touch and feel.”


These are actual dogs you numbnuts!

“Eventually I could put a vagina into the dolls and market them as sexual aids. But that’s when the situation would become far more complicated.”


That’s when feminists would come out and call them roofy rape robots because the robots are sleeping and you can have sex with them. They would argue that the robots couldn’t give consent or that they would promote rape culture because they would socialize men to have sex with a female sex object that would technically be seen as sleeping, drugged or raped. But by that point our culture would accept them because of the institutional use of the hugging robots for therapy I mentioned before.”

Agains those are real dogs!

Distraught students get therapy dogs to cope with Trump’s win

“The robots would also have their eyes closed so they would be better at getting past the uncanny valley. Looking an android or robot in the eyes is the first thing you do and is usually where the robots fail the uncanny valley test.”

What are you yammering about!

So that’s my first idea at building a lifelike Android and it has it’s purpose.”

An electrical machine where you can put your soft penis!

“The problems with building a lifelike Android is that we don’t have the technology to pull it off right now and the uncanny valley is something we won’t be able to pass in my opinion for another twenty or thirty years until we get highly advanced 3D printers like something you might see on the television show Westworld where we can print muscles and skin accurately.”

No papa problem is you and your soft dick. As for everything you said here. These concept machine are already in existence.


Toyota to Sell ‘Cuddly Companion’ Robot in Japan

“Otherwise we are going to be rather limited. So that’s when I started looking at technology like Oculus Rift because I started to see po$nography companies out there scan complete humans that you could walk around and see from all different angles.”

You are obsessive with sex because you are physically unable to do sex.


Sandman’s Bot Project



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