Sandman Debunked #1167: Spirit of MGTOW


Hi everyone, tod111ay’s  response is brought to you by P. T. Barnum Followers.

Here Sandman reveals us that his mind is filled with grotesque and debasing superstitions. He has no instincts of integrity and honor in his souls. Like a demon he likes to incited others to premature debauchery and perversion; to be imbued with thoughtless irresponsibility; and to be prepared for addiction to mind-destroying drugs and an existence below the animal level.

Let’s debunk the Title first “Spirit of MGTOW”.

You ain’t got it papa. You would not even know if it hit you on the head.

Also MGTOW is not mature enough to have a spirit.

The reason why the Sandman anti-feminism disgusts MGTOW observers is that it ignores
the existence of the MGTOW female obsession. It looks like sheer hypocrisy. After all, the Sandman have absorbed a quarter of the MGTOW followers, and poisoning their minds by means of a psychological manipulation.

“Hi Sandman, Thank you for your dedicated practice of diving deep into consciousness, extracting complex thoughts, then forging them into language that is easily accessible for the enlightenment of others. “

Did you type this after watching her Videos?

“Your work serves as a credit to humanity and I consider you to be a Pychonaut or someone who explores inner space.”

Calling a rapist a human plumber won’t change the fact the man is criminal.

He makes crazy people more insane.. That’s not a job, it’s an insult to an injury!

“This brings me to my question.”

Your entire existence is a question!

“Do you practice yoga, meditate or partake in psychotropic substances, i. e. cannabis, psilocybin mushrooms, LSD or other supplements for the benefit of accessing deeper levels of consciousness?”

You know I was wrong, you are just plain old crazy with drug addiction.

Sad very sad..

In case you miss my sarcasm due to your drug induced lifestyle.

Putting things in you body not require for survival is bad.

“I’ve been practising yoga each day for several years now and it has changed my life completely by conditioning me let go of a number of attachments that were no longer serving me including ones connected to my biological imperative.”

Sandman doesn’t support your lifestyle…

An excellent response to his video Monks of MGTOW

“After viewing more than 100 of your videos and learning about your struggles with health, I would be remiss if I didn’t share that a dedicated yoga practice will add exponential quality to your life and well being.”

“The most important relationship that you will ever participate in is the one that you have with yourself. Please take care of your whole self. Reach out to me if you want to learn more about yoga? I would would be delighted to help you. Cheers and namaste.”

“Well Artman thanks for the donation and your questions.”

He never asked you a question. Entire paragraph is rambling of crazy stuff of a drug induce lunatic…

Sandman Answer:

“This video is going to be less conventional than usual and will discuss some very personal observations about involving psychic phenomena in my own life.”

Name three video s where were “conventional”.

Papa, you are not a normal person.

“It’s interesting that you mention taking supplements that help access deeper levels of consciousness.”

Okay this is going to be interesting…

00_inmydays“When I was 23 years old I had a falling out with my parents because of the woman I was with so I moved in with her and I had the worst possible case of what I can only describe as a panic state.”

No wonder everyone think you are an old fart!


“For about two days I couldn’t calm down and my heart rate was out of control, I couldn’t sleep and the emotional anguish was so great I decided to head to the hospital. I spoke to the doctor and he gave me a tiny white pill called larazepam which is an anti-anxiety medication. “


What makes you think you are qualified to give anyone any advice when you can’t even stay calm with little changes in your life?

Hell you were not homeless, you have place to sleep, and even sex with someone.

The only thing you are doing here is gathering all the people who are suffering just like you, and making them even more  miserable.

“I knocked me out for almost a day and I slept for a very long long time. When I finally woke up there was a side effect.”

It seems to me that you are still sleep walking.

“When I went to sleep after taking that pill I woke up with the knowledge of how much money I was going to make the next day on my Ebay and Website business to the exact penny.”

Wasn’t this around the time when you were worried about peak oil, and all the harm oil was doing to our earth. Now you decided to join Racist Conservatives party, and bring same hate mongering into MGTOW.

“So I checked the computer and found the exact amount. I didn’t think anything of it and just chalked it up to a miraculous coincidence.”

You are delusional!

“Then a couple of days after that I went to sleep and had this horrible dream where I was walking around in a hanger while wearing a lab coat and there were tons of burnt pieces of metal.”

Most of us can not even remember our dream after waking up. You know why? Because our real life is so interesting, and very fulfilling.

“I was holding one of them and was inside a hanger that had a dark concrete floor with yellow lines on it in a grid pattern. I woke up and had the same feeling that I felt two days before and I knew something had happened. I thought the dream was metaphorically telling me that there was something wrong with my business and I had to correct it. So I looked over my stats and analytics and found nothing wrong. But I knew something bad had happened and I would describe the feeling as just knowing but I can’t really explain it.”

It is simply an affirmation of naked insanity, quite consciously and intentionally. When you were your father should had his his boot crashing down on  your face and so rest of us would not have to deal with your temper tantrums.

All you are tell us is that “Yes, I am crazy, and you daren’t laugh at me”,

You know Sandman when you are going to die the only fleas morn will your death.


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