Grammatical Errors & Strange Words

Although, I belong to the most Waspish family you can imagine in Australia. I don’t mean the sting bee I am referring White Anglo-Saxon Protestant. Sometime, I must admit it does feel as if I am surrounded by bees whenever I am around all those tea snorting crumpets sniffing morons.

No wonder Sandman likes dating Anglo-Saxon girls. Don’t worry Papa Sandman I don’t mind slav like you dating members my race. I just despise you for the misinformation you are providing to public.

The reason behind these errors have to do with writing on two different platforms. Mobile device Windows 8 tablet comes with the most condescending office application you can imagine. Thanks Microsoft for selling the most sarcastic tablet as if we English didn’t have enough already! Second is my good’ole Desktop.  I normally type in my house balcony, and I just love sitting and watch the sun go down, and hear the ocean wave. I near Mindil Beach and this is one the picture of my house of the beach.


Like most Englishman my family is a heavy drinker, but I don’t do it — no alcohol at all, so you will normally see me drinking tea, and dipping biscuit (isn’t this most English thing lol!). Anyway, here is where you will normally find me. It’s near Mindil Beach.

I write a perfectly correct sentence and down the line I notice bloody thing has been changed into god knows what! I do proof reading of course. Once I finish writing the article I publish it asap, beside making me look like intellectual morons, MS Office also love to deleting my original writing with no way to retrieve it. So I finish writing, and I quickly upload it on WordPress, and than I simply proof read it from there.

So my apology for any grammatically/spelling errors you see on my blog. They are normally corrected by next update. And let’s face guys most of you are smart enough to know what’s being said here, and even with mechanically infuse grammatical error I still sound thousands time better than anything Papa Sandman has said about women (or anything else for that matter).

Perhaps I  should I also start collecting money for writing blog about nothing

Move over Seinfeld, here comes a real comedians ridding over a kangaroo.



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