Sandman Debunked #1160: Why Bother With Women? – MGTOW



Hi everyone, Today’s response is brought to you by P. T. Barnum followers.

Papa Sandman answer a question “Why Bother with women?”

Oh my! Talk about pot calling the kettle black. Here is Sandman complaining about women in every one of his video (this one number 1160).

Just think about it!

Here, let me give you a visual.


Let me type that number in letters “one thousand nine hundred and eighty”.  Let’s go little further.

These are the list of pictures he uploaded on his video, and all of his “1160” videos have around same number of pictures.


Let’s Do Arithmetic

1160 multiply by 8 = 9280

Vast majority of the pictures are of girls. That is over nine hundred and eighty pictures. That’s a literal definition of a troll. This probably doesn’t even count the innumerable pictures he download & shifted through to make them part of his “daily dose” of insanity.

He should go back to drinking tea and sniffing crumpets.


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