Sandman Debunked #1159: No Closure – MGTOW


Papa Sandman answer a question for someone who let his relationship interfere with his personal life, as a result he lost his job flipping burgers, and picking dead rats behind the fry machine.

Here is the missive in brevity:

” As I got on top of her she clenched her legs behind me indicating she wanted to go deep in her, but my spidey senses started tingling, if she was old school and a virigin, she wouldn’t have been so openly inviting me in to go balls deep. So, I stepped back and just laid there because for all I knew she was trying to suck me in and possibly give me something I can’t get rid of.”

Let’s look at the few things.

This guys has a room temperature IQ. Here he tells us that she was “virgin”.

If he can not tell the difference between virgin girl, and non-virgin in bed. Than he is too stupid for his own good.

Also; how do you “stepped back and just laid there?

Sex with human female is a physical activity. Even when a girl is on top of you.

The whole story is a made up by someone who never had a sex with women before.

Last sentence of the paragraph; “something I can’t get rid of”?

Aren’t you suppose to be using condom to avoid unwanted pregnancy.

“The next morning, I turned over and she grabbed her ticket and folded it, but in a sneaky type of way as if she was thinking “okay, i let you stay the night, time to pay up”.

There is something seriously wrong with this guy. Assuming he did have a sex with a human female. Poor lady was probably thinking. What hack I ended up with.

“Being the dumbass I was, I went and got the money. The very next day, I got fired from work and I told her just after we had agreed that I was going to take her to lunch. “

I agree with him, he is a professional nincompoop (probably he also looks like last four letter of the word).

The structure of the sentence is completely incoherent.

How does firing and eating dinner are  even related? Writer sounds like he never learn how to write an essay.

I don’t believe in making fun of anyone with broken English. However, ignorance need to be expose. This is guys is an idiot.

She acted shocked and told me “Yeah you don’t need to waste your time coming up here” and after that we got into a texting arguing that lasted 6 hours….”

Oooooh okay….. Unless, she looks like a moose,  this entire story is made up. No one argue for six hours by typing. Not gonna happen.

But, let’s look further into what he is saying. The girls tells him (don’t waste your time).

No most girl will state (don’t waste my time). Ladies don’t spend hours doing makeup just to be considerate towards men. There’s a reason we have saying be a gentleman.

Even “if” she blurted out something like writer claims, why would she spent any time with him arguing? Why? Most girls can get new guy just by walking into the mall, or by smiling on a poindexter at the library.

And how many people do you know in your life who argue for six hours — let’s alone argue for six hours by typing?


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