Sandman Debunked #1,157: Angelina Jolie Loses Kids – MGTOW


Let’s start off with the title itself!

Nothing to do with MGTOW!

So an added word “MGTOW” is just to get maximum amount of search result from MGTOW community. His daily bread and butter.

Typical Tradcon, takecover a community to whine about feminism.

Easily debunked!

Many of you may say. Well, doesn’t his video proof marriage is bad for men.

No, his video is about child custody. Again people in media do not live like normal people. Their lifestyle is an artificial creation to get maximum amount of public attention.

Also, media celebrities tend to over exaggerate their “family crisis” to get the maximum amount of publicity.

Every celebrity is an attention whore, they may not be as expressive as Kim Kardashian. This s how they get better movies/tv contract. After all, this is their daily bread and butter.

Another obvious example is Sandman himself; pushing everything from kitchen knife to a dirty soaks to get everyone attention.

You know we (men) tend to blame women for wasting their time watching tv shows, reading tabloid, and even writing about media figures.

Well what do you call him?

Is he going through masculine version of menopause?

Now to the story itself…

Papa Sandman tell us that she is losing weight at a dangerous level, and therefore she will never get custody of the kids.

First off; she is not:

Let’s look at the current picture of Angelina Jolie (March 2, 2017)

Angelina Jolie’s Stunning New Fragrance Campaign: Everything We Know!


Unlike him, I have given you proof with factual evidence with media links so you can see for yourself.

His video was posted on March 3, 2017, and without any proof to substantiate his allegations.

You can also see in above screen-shoot the words I typed to search & debunked his traditionalist conservatives lies. Remember, I live in Australia, however, the result I am getting from Google are comparable to any who live US, or Canada (Sandman native country).

Now let’s look at her relationship with her kids:

Again: Following news is the latest news about her, and the kids (natural & adopted kids February 18, 2017).

Unlike his bizarre hash and rehash of divorce women love cat. I got you an information just week and half old. This is a latest picture of her & the kids.

Angelina Jolie Brings Her and Brad Pitt’s Kids to Her First Public Appearance Since Divorce Filing


Another word she is perfectly happy. Also, her relationship with kids is quite stable unlike the false claim made by papa Sandman.

By the I am not fan of Angela & any actor, or actress for that matter.

I believe in a tried and true method of honesty is a best policy. You can not defeat your adversary with lies, and manipulation. This will only transform them into a martyr.

This is why you can Feminist movement has been so successful for past 100 years. Unlike conservatives demanding women’s get back into kitchen, they are running around blame everyone under the sun.


Papa Sandman posted his video few hours ago, and it took me only 30 minute to debunk it.

This is not boost my ability, but to show you guys that his lies are so transparent that anyone with few minutes see what a dishonest person he is.

Stay tune, and stay free.


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