Sandman Debunked #1,155: Awakened While Married


Talk about full blown redundancy. Virtually all of his last three video deal of marriage subject.

  • Divorce Surgery
  • Dating is Dangerous
  • Blue Pill Friends

You gotta remember most of fool who pay him, let him choose the subject.

This means, he is getting obsessed with marriage.

Other subject — totally unrelated with MGTOW are movie about “Men Right” a detestable community most of us don’t care for. And some crazy black person wanting his people to have “African Names”.

Search for following topic in YouTube:

  • The Red Pill Movie
  • Black Names Matter

As for current video it’s pretty much rehash of everything else he has said about women.

Let’s look at the end of his video (which is pretty much a summary of his 11 minutes gibberish.

“It’s too late to turn himself into the sean connery version of James Bond putting women in their place if he does make himself more assertive and aggressive i believe that most women will fight back against this and they want to share the power that they have with a man that is suddenly found his manhood because of make towel my biggest tip to the married men listening to this is not to lose your mind to do something irrational that you might resent later you know that you didn’t marry in a nawalt (not all women are like that) you know she doesn’t exist and you know you want to go your own way but the cost of doing this are very high what’s the man’s supposed to do at this point you need to think you’ve been hard about your situation if I was back in the tail end of my tenure relationship again I probably would have come clean to my partner and explain clearly what I wanted from life and told her more clearly what I was actually going through my head instead I bolted for the door like a cheat up and didn’t care too much about her feelings because”
You get the idea. Marriage is a bad deal for a women, you are screwed when you have a family.
First off, we the mgtow don’t believe married men need to divorce their wife if their relationship is healthy.
If anything we don’t get involve into a family dispute per se.
However, if a men is in a horrible relationship. He should get a divorce, and live his life as a bachelor.
Our main mission is to boycott marriage.
We don’t blame women for present marriage crisis — although they are responsible for much of harm. Nonetheless it was traditionalist & conservatives who gave all the power to women to abuse men.
Why did they do that?
Some of them truly believe women ought to stay at home, give them favor like alimony — no dna test for paternity fraud would encourage women to live the lifestyle of 18th century society.
Also, this is allow women to breed more kids like old school “baby boomers” thereby stop the non-white immigration and keep the country predominately white.
But hey don’t expect papa sandman to understand any of these issues.
He is butt hurt that his brother is having kids, and by making videos about women divorcing men — he hops that his brother will divorce his wife. Thereby he has someone to relate himself too.

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