Sandman Debunked #1,151: Blue Pill Friends



Here Mr. Sandman remind us how much he is jealous of his dentist, because his doctor has a wife, and two daughters. While he has live on his own. What a lovely place that is. It came with everything, well of course minus the shower, who else but nasty immigrant wanna take shower?

Let’s see why you are jealous of your dentist.

You live in an office place where you had to install a portable shower. You are using your parents place as a mailing address. This technique is not only illegal, also create conflict with numerous issues such as car insurance etc.

After rambling like a total loon you inform us that you watch Opera (really since when grown birth canal?)

Tom Cruise jump on a sofa?

Really, what’s a big deal about that?

What are you talking about women having friends?

You can not even talk to two people without having a panic attack so how would you know how normal people socialize?

This is just a typical behavior of Mr. Sandman. Did some Pakistani girl hit you in the TTC when you were getting off at Lansdowne Station?


Jerry Interview Sandman


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