Sandman Debunked: #1,150: Oh Baby! – MGTOW


“This video is brought to you by a generous donation from Peter.”

Don’t you mean: today’s response is brought to you by P. T. Barnum followers.

When you say “generous” does it mean people are finally send you some money. Wow…

“He didn’t give me a specific topic so”

What did you expect from an idiot with room temperature I.Q

“so I’m going to discuss an article called “Babies made without mothers ‘will come sooner than we think”

Ooh, goodie! Thanks Papa I so excited I gonna drop my pants, and start shooting on a rocket!

As for you topic. I will simply point to an article “Artificial uterus: How close is the reality?

Second paragraph of the article pretty much summes it up:

“Not so fast — some critics say the debate is getting ahead of itself, that there is no need to even discuss artificial wombs yet for several reasons. The main one is that nobody is currently working to develop one, in part because we don’t understand enough about the placenta.”

“and also build on the ideas that Turd Flinging Monkey discussed in his video called Future Female Disposability which was a response to that article.”

How do you become known as “Turd Flinging Monkey”?

What you were walking in a Zoo and saw money throwing their excrement and said “hey that sound like a good idea? Hell, I will even called my self that because I want everyone to know that I am human ape who throw my shit on everyone!

This why I don’t believe you went to a Ryerson University (or any college for that matter). Any first year student knows how to research a topic.

If you had bother to do that you would know that artificial wombs are scientifically called ectogenesis, a term coined by J.B.S. Haldane in 1924.

Sandman of course get his knowledge out of his ass, or sniffing other men’s excrement, preferablly thrown at him.

Those of you who may not know an ectogenesis is very popular genre in Science Fiction movies & TV shows.

Let’s just recap: the entire fourteen minutes video is base on an faulty information Papa Sandman got from

Doesn’t it feel just nice knowing that you give your money to someone write an “insightful” article, and their source of entire research is based on a guy known as “Turd Flinging Monkey”.

A human being calling himself excrement throwing ape!.

I bet your mother appriciate knowing the type of words you have for her.

This topic might be old by the time you watch it but hopefully my insights can add something to this discussion.

C’mon admit it the only reason you can across this topic is because you were watching Science Fiction movies.

Ectogenesis is very popular genre in Science Fiction movies & TV shows.

Here are list of movies.

  1. Tomorros Child
  2. Surrogate
  3. Fringe
  4. Matrix

You did not add anything to the discussion. You are like that guy who goes to a clothing store with a friend ask him “does this jacket look good one me”, and his friend said “nah, it was beautiful before you put on, get one of those ugly jacket to compliment your nasty body”.

Putting aside the joke; how are you contributing anything? You have art degree, therefore you have no understanding of science, and considering your source of reference pretty disqualify you.

Another word you have just proven to everyone on your channel that you’re an illitrate.

So the article discusses how it’s possible to take a male skin cell and turn it into a female egg cell and then impregnate it with a sperm. The scientists at the University of Bath have successfully done this using the cells of male mice so it is technically feasible with humans but it hasn’t been done because of the ethics of mother-less babies. That’s fancy talk meaning the scientists are worried they will have their funding cut if they go too far if they challenge the gynocentric narrative in our society. Turd Flinging Monkey or TFM for short says that technology like this will make women more disposable than men in the future.

Hi everyone, Today’s response is brought to you by P. T. Barnum followers.


Apparently, murdering, raping, and good old enslaving other races is just too PC, and so 90s. Let’s shoot our dick and watch star (or in Sandman case buring fire, and boiling excrement).

Artificial wombs are scientifically called ectogenesis, a term coined by J.B.S. Haldane in 1924. Sandman would have known that of course if he bother to do any research.

Ectogenesis is very popular genre in Science Fiction movies & TV shows.

Here are list of movies.

  1. Tomorros Child
  2. Surrogate
  3. Fringe
  4. Matrix

This is how our Papa Sandman came across this subject. He was probably watching some movies in mommies basement while he was licking stucco wall.

Can you imagine the idiot who ended up paying him $20 dollar for writing this video? I mean he was probably going like WTF?

We guys can easily tell if fellow men is BSing about his knowledge about cars. I mean really convert comes with four cylinder? Yeah, buddy go back to riding a bicycle you fool.

You know what mean.

Same is true for computers, and science fiction movies.

Listen to his entire gripe and you’ll notice that everything he said is

But hey when logic and emotion collide. Emotion wins. Our Papa love to point fingers at women for making decision base on feeling, and superficial looks. Hypocritical delusional conservatives make every single decision base how they feel.

How many times we heard him saying “Oh liberals are bad because they hurt my conservatives feeling.”

One can go as far sa to say he entire gripe with women is that they don’t want to have sex with basement dwelling big lump of lard like him.

I mean does he really want us to believe that he love west side of Toronto, and has an office where he is sleeping, and filing for business expense every year (plus charging tax playing for his porn surfing as business research?), and get this building owners are okay with.

I know Canada is petty much like America that hasn’t melted. But c’mon are we really suppose to believe anything he said.

Bear with my rambling cause I going somewhere with this.

Artificial womb trend (the idea of it) become popular around  1980 with a movie called Tomorrow’s Child.

There were other scifi like Bruce Wills’ Surrogates.

But seriously guys this is why we gotta expose this fool.

There is ongoing res



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