Sandman Debunked #1,146: Main Course Divorce


P.T Barnum statement stands true to this day: There’s a sucker born every minute”. Foolish white supremacist paying Sandman truly represent stupidity, and ignorance white nationalist & conservatives community.

Movie in review is pretty much 60’s style hippy genre where men giving divorce is the most precious thing women long for. Why couldn’t these ladies file for it by themselves is never explained. Is this some sort of parallel world where Men’s Right finally took over and women are chain to a radiator?

It’s not surprising that Sandman would like a video that pretty much deflect reality as he has been running away from the real world like cockroaches from day light.

Now that his brother is having kids, he feels depress, and angry. He has lost his lost connection with his siblings.

His siblings are moving on with their lives, and building up family.

What is he doing?

Sitting in his 300 square feet office studio tuck between portable shower, and a stove top. Remaining space has sofa, and 3 monitor computer, you would need to hop like a kangaroo if you ended up in his place.

His “illegal home office” looks a crazy hoarder on steroid.

Than again what did he expect to get for $1,500 in Toronto?

But hey he can write off as a business expense, I bet it makes him feel like a real man for ripping off society for not given him a free fellatio.

With all the tax refund you are getting, feel free to watch erotic movies on multipurpose screens (tax payer paid), as you use your hairy palm to relive yourself of MGTOW values.

Considering what type of father you would have been, we are also relive that this planet is not bearing a little sandman living his life through tax payer fraud.

Enjoy while it last.


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