Sandman Debunked 6: Feminism Destroying Spain (not correct )


Another MGTOW video producer decided to join the fight by painting feminism the boogie man (or women) we ought to focus on.

In this video he talks about the law passed by Traditionalist Judge (although label here is “socialist” he is by counts conservatives — it is amusing how conservatives like deflect blame whenever their policy backfire.

Let’s clarify this.

Spanish government under José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero passed numerous laws in 2004 which resulted in withdrawal of Spanish military from Iraq (an illegal war by all accounts — also present ISIS problem is an extension of Bush policy).

Talk to your average conservatives, and remind them of their trillion dollar failure in middle-east and they will start labeling your leftist, liberal and socialist.

When President Zapatero passed the law it under the auspicious People’s Party (spanish version of conservatives party).

Conservatives  wanted laws to favor women, so they will make lots of babies, and this would stop the immigrant.

Current crisis is a result of their racist obnoxious policy.

Please don’t become be a Captain Ahab, and waste your life blaming feminist.



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