Sandman Debunked #1: Mistresses and Wives Defending the Alpha Males They “Both” Love – Costa Concordia – MGTOW


Well, since Papa Sandman has been making it so easy for me to debunk his current videos. I will also tackle some of his older videos as well.

I really don’t know if Sandman is a “basement dweller”, or “self employee”. However, base on everything I have read and listened about him. It seems unlikely that he has a stable job.

He claims to be “self employee” — a code word for those who can’t work for any employer. Working for someone require a self discipline, ability to communicate, and of course corporate as a team member.

Quality hehe severely lacks talent when it comes to working with anyone.

Nonetheless, this is not about demonizing him personal lifestyle, or lack thereof.

Let’s start with this nick name.

According to European Myth

“The Sandman is a mythical character in Western and Northern European folklore who puts people to sleep and brings good dreams by sprinkling magical sand onto the eyes of people while they sleep at night.”

Our Canadian Sandman loves pulling wool on our the eyes. His barely disguise traditionalist conservative values are very easy to detect.

Only a fool ( that is to say Men’s Right/Conservatives) would waste their times hating feminist.

Here Sandman gives us a summary of his video

“Everyone is looking for someone to blame for sinking of the Costa Concordia and all of the attention is being put on Captain Francesco Schettino. But the mainstream media is not willing to lay down some of the blame on the Captain’s mistress, Domnica Cemortan. Or even suggest that she could be partially to blame by being on the bridge of the ship during the accident. The moment anyone says something that could be seen as incriminating about her someone comes to her defense. I was watching a female news anchor on CTV news channel. That’s a channel here in Canada. The newscaster was discussing the Captains trial with another female reporter covering the story at the courthouse in Italy. The anchor asked the question: “could the mistress be to blame for the ship crashing into the coral reef and sinking?” and immediately the press reporter in Italy jumped in to the rescue the mistress by saying that anchor was going too far in asking that question.”

From his very first video Papa Sandman started psycho analysing every incident to proof ahow horrible the female are. In this video it was not the fault of Costa Concordia’s Captain,  but of his wife, and mistress.

Many of may not remember that Italian sea captain start showing off to his wife, and her friend, due to his negligence 32 people died.

Why is it okay to demand women take responsibility of their action (including when they pick jerk for a husband/father). Yet when a man doesn’t pay attention to his duty, and as result people die. The very same conservatives turn around and blame feminism!

This is totally stupid.

Following picture is from Italian Park where statues of honor, and disgraceful member of Italian society are planted; perhaps Papa Sandman is envious that lowlife like him didn’t become part of the park?

Statues of Francesco Schettino, the disgraced former captain of capsized cruise ship Costa Concordia, right, and Gregorio de Falco, the captain with the Livorno port authorities who told Schettino to “get back on board” the doomed ship, stand in a park in Vagli di Sotto, Italy.

Also the icing of the cake is: Italian Jails are crammed with criminals so they would never put him in jail. It’s most likely he would shipped back to Malta (his home country).

Look at the bright side Sandman, you can be like him while playing around the snow in Canada!


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